Udaan 26th Sep 2016 Monday Episode: Vivan Confessed To Chakor That He Loved Imli And Not Her

Udaan 19th October 2016
Udaan 19th October 2016

Udaan 26th Sep 2016 Monday Episode: Vivan asked the men for decorations for the dinner date. But the decided to do all by himself to make Chakor happy. He thought how he loved her when he loved Imli. Suraj said to Chakor that he would not let her go to meet Vivan. He asked her to say to Vivan that she did not love him and also that he should go back to get Imli. He then pointed gun at her. She said she was not threatened by the gun. She said that she would go to meet him. He asked her to listen to one thing before leaving. He asked her to find out the truth as Vivan loved Imli and not her. She cried. He asked her to free Vivan if that came out to be true. (Also See: Udaan Last episode )

Udaan 26th Sep 2016 Full Episode

Vivan thought that he could not show to Chakor that he loved Imli as she would get hurt knowing that. He had to pretend to be happy. Chakor thought how she should find if Vivan loved Imli or her.

Vivan called Chakor. He turned and saw her but her phone rang. They both smiled seeing each other. He thought he had to start a new life with Chakor and hence he need to be happy. He asked her to come and said that he did all the decorations by himself and said he was waiting for her to come. She reminded Suraj’s w ords and thought if Vivan was really happy or he was just pretending.

Udaan 26th Sep 2016 Monday Episode

He made her sit and said that he loved her. She was double minded and Suraj’s words were revolving around her mind. She thought who was saying truth to her. Vivan or Suraj.

Vivan got out the ring and said that he had been waiting for that moment. He asked her to forward her hand and said that no one could come in between their love that day. He said that he would seal their love that day. Imli asked the driver to stop the car and said that she had to go back as she could not live without Vivan. She loved him a lot and could not stay away from him. There Chakor thought of Suraj’s word and took her hand away. She said that she did not love him anymore. He was shocked. She said that things changed by time.

She said that she was happy on engagement’s day because Imli asked her to do all that. He was shocked. She was lying to bring out the truth. He said thanks to Chakor and hugged her. She was shocked. He smiled and said that she prevented him from doing a big sin. He said he too loved Imli but was doing that because Imli asked him to. He then said to her that he loved Imli. Chakor asked him to get his love as Imli too loved him. Vivan was surprised and happy to know that.

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