Udaan 27th September 2016 Episode: Vivan rushed to express his emotions to Imli

Udaan 19th October 2016
Udaan 19th October 2016

Udaan 27th September 2016  Full Episode: Vivan thought about Chakor. She was crying and asked him to go and stop Imli. He thanked her and said he would not get a good friend like her. She asked him to go and stop her. Chakor then started crying. He ran to his car. Kasturi asked Imli to talk to Vivan and Chakor once. Imli said no and it was better to stay away from them. Vivan saw time and rushed to railway.

Udaan 27th September 2016 Written Updates

Chakor cried thinking of him and walked on the time. She reached the shade. She shouted Vivan and said that she loved him and cried. She said she could never forget the memories and him too. She recalled their sweet moments. She said that it was the place they used to meet up. He was gone away from him and she had live with the moments. She then felt sad and thought that she had no one, no one to love her and no one to take care of her. She thought that nothing was left in her life. The rain then started. Chakor stood in the rain and cried. (Also See: Udaan Last episode)

Udaan 27th September 2016 Episode

Suraj came there and saw Chakor crying. She started to destroy that shade but Suraj came there and stopped him. He stopped Chakor and asked her to stop else she would get hurt. He asked her to come with him. She said that she was not going anywhere and said she would destroy that shade. She pushed the shade and made it fall. She cried. Suraj looked at her. She then shouted that everything got over. He asked her to come. She asked him not to touch her and asked him to get away. She asked him why he even came there. She said that he came there to make fun of her and laugh; she said that he was right and she was wrong.

He said that he did not come here to make fun of her. He said that like she lost her love Vivan, she too lost his love Imli. But he was there to make fun of him. He said that he was having pity. She said that she did not need any sympathy. She said that she did not want anything. She said that he won as Vivan loved Imli and not her. She then fainted. He holds her in the arms.

He tried to make her conscious. He lifted her in his arms. Imli boarded the bus. Chakor got conscious and said that Vivan should reach the station on time. She thought that she had to make the train get late somehow. Chakor called someone and was shocked to hear. Suraj asked what was she doing. She said that she was trying to make train late by some time.

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