Udaan 27th October 2016: Bhaiya Ji and Ragini Plan To Kill Suraj During Diwali Party

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 27th October 2016: Chakor talked to Bhaiya Ji and said that she could not compromise and would try to find out as how he came out of jail. Ragini asked her to talk about manners. Chakor signed her to stop and said that she too did not who she was talking to. She stated that she had media with her as she was a sports star.

She went from there. Kamal Narayan stated that Chakor had become a danger to them. She said to Ragini that villagers should not know about the diwali party as they never know some reporter too might be with them. He declared that everyone should be aware that Suraj died by accident. He laughed. He hugged Ragini.

Udaan 27th October 2016

Vivan thought that he had nothing to gift to Imli on Diwali. He went to her. She smiled and thanked him for getting a beautiful saree for her. He was surprised and said that he did not get that saree for her. She showed him the card. She stated that she was jubilant and went out. Ragini came there and said that she got that saree.

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He stated that he did not want any gifts and revealed that he would tell her the truth. She asked him not to break Imli’s heart. He thought not to mention. He thought not to snatch any happiness from her. He asked her if they could go away from haveli, but she said that she had to attend tonight Diwali party else Bhaiya Ji would doubt that she was not with him. He agreed.

The party started. Kamal Narayan asked where Suraj was. He said that he had arranged the girls and wine and he had to come. Ragini stated that they had to make Vivan and Imli leave haveli so that they could execute their plan. Suraj was coming to the haveli. Vivan asked Imli to go from that party as he could not stay there seeing Bhaiya Ji and Ranjana and everyone else.

Udaan 27th October 2016

Suraj came to party with his friends. Ragini smiled and said that they all were waiting for him. Bhaiya Ji asked girls to come and dance. He made him sit on the bar counter and asked him to have wine. Ragini smirked that no one could save Suraj as Vivan too was not in the haveli. She asked men to dig the grave.

Vivan and Imli met Chakor. Chakor asked him to tell the truth to Imli else she would feel bad when she would get to know from anyone else.

Suraj drank a lot of wine. Chakor said that she would not leave Bhaiya Ji and would collect the evidence. She fell in the grave and thought why it was dug there. She saw some seeds there and thought that someone planted seeds so that no one could know that someone was buried there.

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