Udaan 28 September 2016 Episode written updates: Vivan and Imli Finally finally reunited

Udaan 19th October 2016
Udaan 19th October 2016

Udaan 28 September 2016 Episode written updates: Kasturi said bye to Imli and asked her to take care. Imli cried. Vivan reached the station and looked for Imli. He asked some men about the train. They told him that the train left. He sat upset. He thought he could not stop Imli, he lost his love. He cried and thought that everything ended. He could not tell his feelings to Imli. Just then he saw Imli and was surprised. Imi too saw him and was glad.

Udaan 28 September 2016 Wednesday Episode written updates

They walked towards each other. He asked her how she did not leave yet. She said that she was about to leave but Chakor called and stopped her. He smiled and said that he was about to do mistake. He said that he could not give Chakor what he did not have. Imli asked him as what he actually meant. He said that he did not love Chakor but someone else. She asked who he loved. He holds her hand and said it was her.

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Udaan 28 September 2016 Wednesday Episode written updates

Imli was shocked. He said that his wife had his heart. He then confessed that he loved her a lot. Imli cried happily. Everyone smiled seeing both of them. Imli said that she was not able to believe. Imli smiled and said that she too loved him a lot. They smiled. He holds her face and said if she would like to be his wife forever. She smiled and said yes. They both hugged.

Kasturi and Bhuvan blessed both Vivan and Imli. Vivan and Imli then left from there. Chakor was thinking about Vivan and cried. She recalled how he confessed once that he loved her and would like to marry her. Suraj came there and saw her crying. He thought that they were going through the same phase of life. Vivan then called Chakor and thanked her. Chakor cried and thought that at least some got a good ending and people they loved.

Suraj and Chakor then talked. Suraj said that he did not felt like losing as he made two people re unite who loved each other. Chakor said yes and asked him not to do anything to disturb their love life. She asked him not to create any problem in their love life.

Ranjana heard them and asked Vivan and Imli got together. Chakor told her the story and said that Vivan loved Imli, so he went to get her back. Ranjana said that both sisters were sacrificing a lot. Chakor then said to Suraj that they would welcome and do something then they both get back home. Suraj asked her not to involve him. She asked him to do that for Imli’s happiness. He said that he was not going to get anything by being good. He left from there. Chakor cried.

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