Udaan 28 October 2016: Chakor Called Reporters and Warned Bhaiya Ji About Harming Suraj

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 28th October 2016: Chagan came to help Chakor when she fell in the pit. She said that it was not a pit and it a grave. He asked her as for whom Bhaiya Ji might have got that. She stated that it might be for some tall man. She got Ragini’s earring there. She thought that she might have planned to either her or Suraj as they were her enemies.

Chagan said that she was here and that meant that Suraj’s life was in danger. She stated that she had to Suraj as Vivan and Imli too were not in the haveli. Vivan told the truth to Imli and stated that he did not get the saree for her and it was someone else. Imli understood his feelings and smiled that he was with her and that was all that she needed.

Udaan 28th October 2016

Chakor tried to enter to haveli, but the guards stopped her and did not allow her to get in. She then met Suraj’s servant and told him. Bhaiya Ji signed his man to attack Suraj. They first shot Suraj’s servant. Chakor thought to find another way to help Suraj. She asked the servants about the dance girls.

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She then took their gun and told them her plan. Dancers danced. Chakor too was in their group. Chakor danced with Suraj too. She showed him her face, but he went away. Bhaiya Ji and Ragini aimed a gun at him. He got shocked. Everyone there stood shocked. Suraj then told them that they were very mad to think that he was drinking wine.

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They got to know that there were juice bottles. Chakor smiled. Bhaiya Ji and Ragini got shocked as Suraj’s friends and waiters aimed a gun at Bhaiya Ji and Ragini.

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Udaan 28th October 2016

He asked them if they liked his diwali surprise. Chokor smiled. He then pointed the gun at Bhaiya Ji. All guests took their gun and aimed at Suraj’s friends and his people. Chakor and Suraj were shocked. Bhaiya Ji laughed and snatched the gun from Suraj. Chakor thought that she had to do something.

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Chakor aimed a gun at Bhaiya Ji’s head and asked him to ask his people to throw their guns. Bhaiya Ji asked her if she was mad. She signed Suraj’s servants to turn off the lights. And then she took Suraj with her and ran. Bhaiya Ji shouted and asked everyone to find out both of them.

She then called reporters and said that she needed their help. She then went with Suraj to Bhaiya Ji. He got shocked and smirked. She told him that till Suraj was with her, he could not do anything to him. Ragini stated that she would kill Suraj. Reporters came there. Bhaiya Ji and Ragini got tensed.

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