Udaan 30th September 2016: Vivan Asked Imli To Forget Suraj As He Helped Them To Get Together Again

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 30th September 2016: Suraj drank a lot and thought of Imli. Vivan said to Imli that he was not able to believe that they both were together. Ranjana went to Suraj and stated that the girl he loved would be with his son that day. He asked her to go from there and leave him alone. (check: Udaan Last Episode.)

She then taunted him a lot to say he would never get to meet Imli again. Vivan and Imli took vows around the candles and took promises by taking the seven rounds. Both smiled looking at each other while taking the rounds. Chakor looked at the moon and cried and wished for Vivan’s happiness. She asked the moon to bless her to hide her tears well and smile all the time.

Udaan 30th September 2016

Vivan and Imli looked at the moon and prayed to keep each other happy. Imi wished to bless her so that she could take care of Vivan well and fill all her expectations. She then wished to bless both of them. Suraj came to their room. He knocked the door. Vivan came to open the door. Imli holds Vivan’s hand.

Suraj was hurt seeing Imli holding his hand. He said that he came to see Imli. She spoke to Suraj that it was so silly to come at night to anyone’s room. Vivan asked her to be calm. Suraj said sorry to them and then left from there. Imli then asked Vivan as why he stopped her when she was trying to scold Suraj.

Vivan made her sit and told her that she was misunderstanding Suraj. He told her that they were both together that day because of Suraj only.

Udaan 30th September 2016

He then told her as for how Suraj made him realize that he loved Imli and not Chakor. He asked her to forgive him. She cried and kissed his hand and said that he was very good. He wiped her tears when she said crying that her love is increasing more and more for him. He kissed on her forehead and stated that she was his life.

Suraj threw the bottle. He said that love did not give him anything. He thought to get back to old days. He asked servants to call his guests.

Chakor thought why Suraj did not come home. She thought that it was tough for him to see Vivan and Imli together. She then looked at him as she cared for him as he was hurt. She then heard some sound and went in. She asked him not to convert his pain into anger.

He said that he did not have any pain. He would get back to a life where he would enjoy. Servants got the dance girls in. Chakor asked if this was his new life. He said that it was his old life. He then danced with the girls.

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