Udaan 31st October 2016: Chakor Came Back To Haveli To Save Suraj’s Life As His Wife

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 31st October 2016: Media person asked Chakor as who wanted to kill her husband. Chakor said that they should ask Bhaiya Ji. Bhaiya Ji said that he did not know. Chakor said that she would inform them when she would get to know. Bhaiya Ji too stated that he would tell when he would get to know who was trying to harm Suraj.

Media person then left from there and wished her and her husband a very happy Diwali. Bhaiya Ji got angry. Chakor got inside haveli holding Suraj’s hand. Suraj got emotional and recalled as for how she dragged her out of that haveli. They went to their room. Ragini said that Chakor saved Suraj that day, but she would not be able to save him for a long time.

Udaan 31st October 2016

She thought to teach a lesson to Chakor as she made her plan fail, and also she made her dad angry. Chakor asked Suraj’s servant to take care of him as she had to go to find Tejaswini. She found her tied with ropes. Chakor asked Suraj to take rest. Vivan and Imli came home.

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Imli hugged Chakor and asked if she and Suraj were fine. She told them everything. Imli said that they would try to kill him again. Chakor stated that she had one way to protect him. Ragini asked Bhaiya Ji to calm down when he was throwing things in anger. He said that he would kill Chakor. He stated that he would not leave her and would make her cry like hell.

Chakor got ready in the morning and wore jewelry. She stated that she could not risk Suraj’s life as she would be his kawach and would not let him die. She applied the sindoor.

Udaan 31st October 2016

She then wore her mangalsutra. Suraj wakes up and asked her as what she was doing. He said that she did not want to stay there for his help. She stated that she would do the things right. Ragini looked on. Bhaiya Ji got a bandhua stamp.

Ragini got angry seeing Suraj and Chakor together. Chakor said that she would stay in haveli till she got proof against Bhaiya Ji. Suraj stated that he too had to think of what he should do with Bhaiya Ji.

Chakor came down and said that she was bahu if that house and would stay there. Bhaiya Ji asked her to stop that drama and stated that she was a bandhua. Chakor shouted that she was not anyone’s bandhua. Vivan and Imli and Tejaswini smiled. Vivan said to Chakor that he got an interview call. Chakor wished him luck and asked him to go and not worry about Imli.

Ragini said to Bhaiya Ji that she had the Chakor’s and Suraj’s signed divorce papers. She smirked and said Chakor could not do anything.

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