Udaan 4th October 2016 Full Episode: Suraj Insulted Chakor Publicly

Udaan 19th October 2016
Udaan 19th October 2016

Udaan 4th October 2016 Full Episode: Suraj asked Chakor to prove that she was a good wife. Chagan said that Imli was a good wife for Vivan. Suraj then asked to call Imli and said that there would be competition between Chakor and Imli. Chakor said that she did not want to compete with anyone but Suraj said that he wanted her to compete so that he could insult her in front of everyone.

Udaan 4th October 2016 Tuesday Episode

Suraj asked haveli members to ask Chakor about Suraj and Imli about Vivan. Vivan said that Imli would win for sure. Whatever Chakor answered about Suraj, Suraj answered its opposite. Chakor asked him to stop lying. Suraj said why he would lie as he wanted his wife to win. Finally Imli won the best wife competition as she answered everything correctly about Vivan while Chakor did not.

Vivan then praised his wife in front of everyone. Suraj said that he too wanted to say something about Chakor. He said that she was a good as a person but bad as a wife. He said that she always spied on him and taunts him. He said that they were husband and wife just for name.

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He said that he did not had any mental or physical relation with Chakor. He then ended saying that Chakor could never become any one’s good wife. He said that he wanted to give her divorce. Everyone there stood shocked. Chagan said to everyone that Suraj was just joking. Suraj left from there.

Udaan 4th October 2016 Full Episode

Imli asked Chakor to not feel bad for what Suraj said. Suraj drank and thought of Vivan and Imli and walked on the road. A man stopped the car when he came in front of it. When the man shouted on him as why he was walking on road like that, Suraj took his gun out. The man asked him to take money if he wanted but leave him. Suraj asked them if he looked thief to them.

Chakor was feeling bad about what Suraj said and said to Imli that Suraj was right as she was not a good wife at all. Vivan and Imli asked her not to feel bad and have food. Tejaswini and Ranjana were also there and said that there would be pooja the day after and Imli would place the kalash. Ranjana taunted Tejaswini that Chakor would have to leave. Chakor went out to search for Suraj.

The man and his family pleaded to not shoot them and leave them. Suraj said that he was a devil and people should be afraid of his name and no one could save them that day. The lady prayed to lord to save them from the mad man like Suraj. Suraj said that no lord could protect them that day as he was a devil and would kill them.

Thats all what happened in Udaan 4th October 2016 Episode.

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