Udaan 5th October 2016: Chakor Signed The Divorce Papers and Agreed To Leave Haveli

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 5th October 2016: Suraj aimed a gun at the man. He saw Imli in his wife and Vivan in him. He called out Vivan’s name; the couple was confused. He said that he had the power of gun with him and he would not get any pain. (check: Udaan Last Episode.)

Suraj then realized that they were not Vivan and Imli and asked them as who they were. He said that he was there to make them afraid and stated that they had to die. Chakor heard Suraj and saw him holding the gun.

Udaan 5th October 2016

The man held Suraj and asked his wife to sit in the car. Chakor came and aimed a gun at Suraj. He laughed and said that Chakor devi came there to save them. He asked her to shoot if she had teh courage. She asked him to let the couple go. They thanked Chakor and left from there.

Suraj and Chakor aimed the gun at each other. She said that she would not go anywhere without him. He stated that they would shoot after counting and the one who got save would go. She said that it was not a game for her and asked him to come with her. She stated that she did not want to kill him and said that she wanted to take him home as Tejaswini was worried for him. He indicated that he knew why she wanted to take him and stated that he would sign the divorce paper soon and asked her to go to the haveli. She left.

Vivan thought that Chakor did not come as she went to find out Suraj. Imli asked him to go and look for them. Just then Chakor came and said that Suraj would come late. She asked them to sleep as in morning Pandit Ji would come.

Udaan 5th October 2016

Imli asked him if he would get worried if she went somewhere alone like he was worried for Chakor. He said he would not. Imli got sad; Vivan told her that he would never let her go anywhere alone. They both smiled.

Chakor was angry as Suraj did not come till morning. Bhaiya ji’s lawyer requested to release him as he could not be kept on hail for so much time and that too without evidence. The court gave 4 days to police to collect the evidence when the other lawyer said that the jailer was missing and they wanted some more days to gather the evidence.

Chakor and Imli made arrangements for pooja. Chagan called and informed Tejaswini about something. She was shocked. Chakor got the divorce papers and gave to Tejaswini and said that she had signed them and asked her to get them signed by Suraj. Tejaswini thought of some way to prevent Chakor from going. She thought that Suraj would be upset to know, but it was for his betterment only.

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