Udaan 6th October 2016: Tejaswini console Chakor to take risk again

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 6th October 2016 Thursday full episode: Suraj got up and drank wine again. Chagan tried to stop him. Suraj saw a man beating his son. He started beating the man and asked him as why he was beating the little boy. The man said he would do anything as he was his son.

Udaan 6th October 2016 Thursday full episode

He pushed him and said that his dad too used to beat him when he was child. He asked the man the child would take revenge when he would grow old. Chagan tried to stop him, police came there. Chagan thought to inform police.

Bhuvan came to take Chakor. Ranjana thought that her way was clear now as Chakor was going to leave the haveli soon. Tejaswini came and stopped Chakor from going. She told her about Suraj and that he got arrested by police. She said that she could only save him. Chakor asked her as what she could do.

Udaan 6th October 2016

She asked her to not go as she could make Suraj come on the right path. Ranjana was fumed seeing Tejaswini trying to stop her bahu from leaving the haveli. Tejaswini kept on crying and requesting Chakor not to go as she could save her house from destroying. She asked her to save his son.

Tejaswini thought that her plan was working. Imli said that Suraj insulted her a lot. Ranjana said that Suraj had gone mad, he could not be stopped by Chakor or anyone. Vivan came home. Imli asked him to explain to Tejaswini to let Chakor go as she could not help Suraj in any way. Vivan said that Tejaswini was right, as only Chakor could change him as she helped him too when he was drug addict. So she could make Suraj too to stop drinking. Chakor agreed to stay back.


Imli thought as why she was not happy as Chakor was not going and staying back in the haveli.

The man apologized to Tejaswini. She gave him money for his treatment. Chakor asked her to do as she said. They made Suraj out from police station. Suraj saw Chakor and asked her if she came to get him bail. She said that someone had to come. Inspector asked Chakor to sign the papers. Suraj said that she did that to stop him from drinking but no one could stop him, he would do what his heart wanted.

Chakor said that she would not sign and asked inspector to keep Suraj in the jail for the whole night. Suraj asked her if she was mad. He said that he would not be in jail for long and would see her. She came back home.

Vivan asked about Suraj. She told him that he needed to be kept in jail to teach him a lesson. But Suraj came there and said that he was out. He laughed and said that the inspector agreed just for Rs.5000. Chakor said that she would go from haveli if he drank.

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