Udaan 7th October 2016: Chakor keeps on efforts to get Suraj rid of intoxication

Udaan 31st October 2016
Udaan 31st October 2016

Udaan 7th October 2016 Friday full episode: Chakor asked Tejaswini for help when Suraj challenged her. Tejaswini agreed and asked her to tell what to do. She asked her to stop Suraj from drinking tonight as they had mata jagran that night. Vivan also wished to help Chakor.

Udaan 7th October 2016 Latest episode

Suraj went to kitchen to get wine bottles but did not get any. He shouted for servants but Chakor gave leave to all servants. He then said that he would go and get the wine from outside and said that he was smarter than Chakor. She said that she would lock him if needed and she kept the function at home only to keep an eye on him.

Udaan 7th October 2016: Chakor keeps on efforts to get Suraj rid of intoxication

She asked him to play fair and said that if anyone from haveli saw him going outside, he had to come back. He agreed.

She saw him going out and stopped him and took him to jagran and made him to meet some ladies. Suraj greeted them and said that he would come back in some time. He tried to leave but Chakor signed Vivan and Tejaswini to stop Suraj.

Tejaswini stopped him. He again came back home. He then planned something and dropped water on the box. The music stopped and he went out when everyone else was busy seeing what happened.

Chakor looked for Suraj and said that he went out. Tejaswini was tensed and asked her as what would happen then as Suraj would win. Chakor asked her not to worry as she had a backup plan as well. She said that he would not get wine anywhere as she asked vendors not to give him wine else he would die.

Udaan 7th October 2016

Tejaswini felt relieved. Vivan asked Chakor if she told every vendor. Chakor said yes she asked everyone to not give wine to Suraj as he was ill and he might die by drinking it and if that happened she would not leave them and beat them a lot. With the fear to getting beaten no vendor would give him wine. Vivan laughed. Vivan said to Chakor that her plan was very good and they talked and laughed. Imli saw them together and laughing and smiling and she got jealous.

Ragini asked the jailer to take his decision fast as she would kill his wife and his son if he did not say as she asked him to in the court. He asked her to leave them and agreed to say as she asked him to in the court. She smirked.

Chakor sang a song at mata jagran. Suraj was getting angry as no vendor was giving him the wine. He saw the time and said the shops were closed. He was getting angry and said that he would get wine from somewhere.


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