Udta Punjab Available for free download on various illegal servers: Censor Board Leaked illegal copy?

Udta Punjab 9 Days Box Office Collections and Occupancy Report

Most awaited movie of 2016 has; the with no cuts. Yes, you are listening to it right as the movie Udta Punjab has been leaked on The Internet over various illegal download sites and available for free download. This would be a huge loss for the producers who throw all their efforts in directing and producing the film.

Udta Punjab Leaked

The film was in controversy from last 15 days over the issue. Whether how much cuts would be really allowed in the movie. The nasty battle between Censor Board chief Pahlaj Nihalani and Anurag Kashyap took a positive turn yesterday when the Bombay High Court ruled out in favor of Anurag Kashyap directing the censor board to allow the release of the film with just one cut.

Udta Punjab Leaked on Internet before two days of official release

Anurag Kashyap vs. Pahlaj Nihalani

Udta Punjab free download could be a serious issue for the movie producers and directors, but it has been observed that Anurag is a type of person who likes to speak up his mind, with the audience no matter what. In this situation, the fingers will definitely raise on each and every person indulged in this release.

The leaked copy read ‘Udta Punjab Censor Board’ copy which has also raised fingers on the chief of Censor Board and BJP member Pahlaj Nihalani. It would be interesting to see who will take responsibility for this blunder mistake.

Anurag and other cast and crew of the film got support from various notable persons around the country. Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal and various other people who are against BJP has extended their support in this matter.

It’s really shocking development as the fight between two parties had ultimately resulted in such irresponsible behavior. Some security experts believe that it’s not possible to trace the person who leaked the illegal copy of Udta Punjab as the film was in many hands before this development.

Anurag Kashyap has claimed that they are taking every possible action, and the links have been deleted already

 Censor Board Leaked illegal copy?

It will be wrong to blame Censor board for this stuff before the case goes to Honorable High Court or Supreme Court. Rest assured; the court will decide the real culprit. Till then we can only request all the readers of this post to watch the movie in theaters too, it will only support the filmmakers to continue entertaining us.

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