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Uri 14th Day Collection
Uri 14th Day Collection

Uri movie box office is performing much better than other releases of this month. The movie gained a great momentum on the box office making out the way of success by grabbing big gains in clinch of time. In this post we will find out, how much Uri 14th Day Collection will be able to make to. One week has been passed since the movie was released in box office. Movie got great momentum as the production crew meeting Narendra Modi in personal.

Uri 14th Day Collection is performing better than the expectations main reason being uncompetitiveness in the bollywood releases, there were no major releases this week which made it possible for Uri to keep rocking the box office. Movie centering the army fight to take out terrorists from border area received a lot of nationalist response, which made it possible to stay on top for quite long.

Uri 14th Day Collection: 7.2 Crore rupees

1st Week in Crores
Friday 8.2
Saturday 12.43
Sunday 15.1
Monday 10.51
Tuesday 9.57
Wednesday 7.73
Thursday 7.4
2nd Week
Friday 7.7
Saturday 13.35
Sunday 17.17
Monday 6.82
Tuesday 6.3
Wednesday 6
Thursday 7.2
Overseas 25
Collection till date 160.48

Uri continues to be one of the most exciting film of this year, not just the movie is totally forwarding to cross 200 crores on the box office. Film also proved that new bollywood doesn’t need names of big superstars to give ultimate performance.

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