RGV’s Vangaveeti Movie Review & Rating: Live Audience Response

Vangaveeti Movie Review
Vangaveeti Movie Review

Vengaveeti Review Rating: The latest Telugu movie Vengaveeti released on December 23. It has been one of the most awaited Tollywood films of the year as it is directorial of famous director Ram  Gopal Verma (RGV). His flicks arrive with a lot of expectations. (Read: Dangal Movie Review.)

Vengaveeti movie stars Sandeep Kumar as V Radha, Vamsi Nakkanti as Chalasani Venkata Ratnam, Vamsee Chaganti as Devineni Murali, Kautilya as Devineni Gandhi, Shritej as Devineni Nehru and Naina Ganguly as Ratna Kumari. Ravi Shankar has composed its music.

Vengaveeti Review

The crime thriller is based on the lives of politician Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga and his brother Radha Krishna Murthy and their dispute with the communist-dominated Vijayawada in the backdrop of 1980s. Promos and controversial story have attracted a lot of eyeballs. (see: Dangal Opening Day Box Office Collection.)

Story/Plot: Vangaveeti is a story which revolves around former Congress MLA VM Ranga and his brother V Radha. It shows the influence and power which they had in the 1970s and 1980s. They used it in the caste war and political turmoil in Vijayawada. Rests form the crux of the story.

Vangaveeti Movie Review


The intense performances by the lead stars take the movie to a whole new level. The trailer appears to be promising and sensitive and at the same deals with sensational issues. Sandeep plays Vangaveeti Radha and Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga. Vamsi Nakkanti plays Chalasani Venkata Ratnam while Kautilya portrays Devineni Gandhi.

Apart from them, Shritej plays Devineni Nehru, and Naina Ganguly appears as Ratna Kumari. RGV has made use of caste names with intelligence to skip the censor issues. Ranga has directly used the names of Gandhi and Nehru and thus, took a lot of risks. At times, it can be seen that RGV took more risk with Vangaveeti than Raktha Charitra.


RGV showcases the rich life which Vangaveeti used to live throughout the flick while the way he has showcased his violent death is still in question. Ramadutta Creations and Ravi Shankar have produced and composed the music for the film respectively. This movie is a good for RGV fans.

Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) has shown any controversies in the movie. He has skipped it with skipping the ugly sides of V Radha, V Ranga, and D Nehru. Vangaveeti movie has shown the early state of Chalasani Venkata Ratnam to Ranga. Thus, the film ends up being a documentary of a series of Brutal murders than being a documentary presenting then society and core issues.

Vangaveeti Rating

The director has presented the film with an interesting screenplay. Audience finds the first half an average, but it gains momentum with a twist towards the interval. The viewers find the second half a little boring being the slow pace; it drags the film.

TRT gives 3/5 stars.

Vangaveeti Movie Plus Points & Minus Points


  • The cinematography
  • Acting of Sandeep Kumar and Naina Ganguly
  • Screenplay
  • Real Violence
  • Dialogues
  • Slow burn


  • RGV’s voice over
  • Few artists dubbing is pathetic
  • Unnecessary montage songs with poor quality
  • Lack of RGV mark intense dialogues

Vangaveeti Movie Verdict

RGV has taken it to the next level which VM Ranga will enjoy watching. Cinematography, Dialogues, and script are of top notch quality. But, is it in the same lines of Rakta Charitra? What do you say?

It appears to be a comeback movie for RGV. You can like the raw violence. It’s better if you skip taking children to the theaters. The emotions are taken well and proves to be an easy watch for native people.

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