Vikings Season 4 Episode 11 (S4E11) Spoilers: Ragnar and Rollo To Return on History Hit Show?

Vikings Season 4 Episode 11 Air Date, Spoilers, Trailer, News, 4x11 Updates
Vikings Season 4 Episode 11 Air Date, Spoilers, Trailer, News, 4x11 Updates

Vikings Season 4 Episode 11 Spoilers, Promo, Air Date, Trailer 4×11 News, Images: The hit History tv series has gone on a midseason break now. The audience didn’t probably expected to see what they saw in episode 10, ‘The Last Ship.’ In the fight between Ragnar and Rollo, many were counting on Ragnar to succeed. But the showrunners made his traitor brother win. (check: Fan collection.)

Michael Hirt in an interview explained that they wanted to give the audience a shocking midseason finale break. And it probably turned out what they expected. It was something that viewers didn’t expect. After the epic battle, the show took a significant time jump and showed the consequences of the defeat of Ragnar. Later on, a tense voice asked if there was anybody capable of killing Ragnar and taking the snatch the throne from him.

Vikings Season 4 Episode 11

Afterward, Hirst said that Vikings is the story of Ragnar and his sons. So, the time jump was a necessary step to move ahead in the series. However, he said that it’s not the end of Ragnar. The viewers will be able to see him again as the season 4 returns. (share: Earth Day quotes.)


Moreover, Hirst said that the fans will see the last of Rollo soon. They haven’t seen it yet. Though morally it was wrong that Rollo won, many were delighted to see Rollo rise in power. Most of them counted on the victory of Ragnar. Now, when the Rollo has come even more powerful in France, the story should get more interesting.

The Vikings director suggested people to not to lose hope and interest in Ragnar. He has to return in the upcoming episodes. The director said that next episodes will make the audience root for him even more what they used to do.

“I would say that audience shouldn’t lose hope for him. They should have affection for him. Some next episodes will make people shed tears because what happened is astonishing. However, this isn’t the end of the story more rathe it is a significant milestone in the story,” he added.

The air/release date of after midseason finale is not known yet. But it will be updated at the earliest. However, it will air this fall for sure as per the reports of History.

Stay tuned for latest Vikings news and updates.

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  1. Everybody loves Ragnar , he gave Vikings hope and brought trade and glory and Ragnar wanted his peaple to have great lives an find new land. And cares about his peaple . I wish that Chinese girl never got him in drugs. He would’ve beat rolo . Ragnar is the Vikings show . His character is so pure . I can’t wait for him an lokie and his oldest son to get together with his younger sons .

      • You would think that. But, around this time, traders from Asia Minor were allowed into Scandinavia to trade in jewels, precious metals, and other goods… they mainly sought furs; which, Scandinavia had in abundance.

        Besides that, what do you expect of a people who live an a part of the world that lacked the ability for agriculture? All of the great invasions of Europe have one thing in common – a people whose land lacked agricultural possibility with the technology of their time. That leaves one choice, plunder and conquest.

    • His name is Floki. Not Loki. I mistook it for that as well when i first started watching lol. Just wanted to clerify that!

  2. Completely devoted to Ragnar and Lagatha……I don’t think I would watch the show if they die…..I have never rooted for Rollo because he betrayed Ragnar. I am betting that Ragnar spent the missing 6 years as a wonderer…..I loved the wonderer he took to Paris and would like to see him again.

    I saw on line a while back Aethalstan would still be in the show even though he died …….but he was only in 2 visions and that was disappointing.

    Very sad that Kwenthrith is gone…..l

    I have always wondered why there has not yet been a series based on William the Conqueror, what a great “Vikings” spin off that would be if Rollo is not in the series not much longer.

    Very odd how Bjorn’s wife just left and that he had no attachment to his daughter…..strange that he seems to be close to Auslaug who busted up Ragnar and Lagatha and who was also supposed to be watching his daughter that died in her care. The whole Harbard thing was weird…..not sure why we had to see him again.

    Way to much was left unanswered before a long mid season break.

  3. A misdseason break??? History channel is making it incredibly difficult to stay a fan of Vikings, no matter now good it is.

  4. Your Comment Wow i have to say wow! The story is becoming so captivating each episode, i can’t wait to see Ragnar again in his full strength and return the remah we know him for, thanks to the makers of Vikings, i can’t wait for episode 11,THE FALL.

  5. Why should the Vikings ever defeat Paris? It’s just a normal peaceful country only defending it’s territory

  6. I can’t wait for the next episode of vikings. It has gained my interest a lot. Love to see Ragnar back and strong ready to defeat Rollo and Paris. I believe the sons of Ragnar are going to play important roles in d fall of Rollo and Paris. I love to see my woman again Lagerther in d battle field. My love for vikings is killing….. just can’t wait plsssSs.

  7. I’m wondering if Rollo had a son and what part will he play and Ragnar son with the queen , what’s going to happen with all that I’m so excited for next season can’t wait

  8. I want to see ragnar killing rollo ..i hate rollo ..someone should take the revange of their defeat either ragnar or his son bjorn

    • I have such mixed feelings about Rollo. It’s evident now that there is absolutely no way he’ll ever be able to go back on what he’s done considering Ragnar already gave him a second chance. But as i watched Rollo’s face while Ragnar’s army retreated i kind of wanted to cry because i feel that Rollo regrets his decision. I can’t say i want to see Rollo die, but i know it has to happen. He is one of my favorite characters. As much as i hate him, i love him as well.

  9. Harbard was Odin, odin would come to midgard to sleep with women that for the most part had fertility issues. In Norse culture I was not viewd as cheating I one slept around, but to Fall in love with another partner was the alltment betrayal. Floki is awesome , I question Ragnar loyalty to the gods. Floki is a true friend to Ragnar even after the athestain killing. One who is devoted to the old ways. An I think as ivar mentor we will see a lot of Floki in ivar as we should … Hail Odin

  10. Am I the only one who is rooting for Rollo? Come on people! Perhaps if Rollo hadn’t been treated like a second class citizen at times by Ragnar, he would not have turned on his brother. Let us not forget Rollo had a chance to be Earle, in the beginning of the season; all he had to do was marry the Earls’ daughter and betray Ragnar. He actually lied to spare Lagetha the pain of loosing Ragnar but did save Ragnar & even endured torture, when he would not reveal Ragnar’s whereabouts when he went into hiding for awhile. Too many times, Ragnar’s over inflated ego and holier than thou attitude came through. Just like family at times. They treat you less than good, even when you stand by them & then wonder why you leave them and don’t stick around to be at their beckoning call to do for them if they decide to grace you with a bit of their time or with the great privaledge of doing for them. I say, “Go Rollo!” Is Ragnar the only one who is allowed to marry a Princess? Let’s not forget how his family with Lagetha wasn’t good enough. He had a great woman, (who Rollo wanted at one time) and one of the finest sons a man could ask for but no, that wasn’t good enough for Ragnar. He needed more sons.

  11. You all don’t know much about real history, do you? ” Vikings” takes a few liberties, like with Rollo being Ragnar’s brother, but the truth is, Rollo (actually Rolf) was a Viking raider who became the count of northern France, what is called Normandy today, was headquartered in Rouen (he’s supposedly buried in the cathedral there) and was an ancestor of William the Conqueror.

    • Yes, I knew about the fact that the show has some historical accuracies but does take some liberties? So what? We are talking about events on the show. Talk about a, “holier than thou attitude.” Think you are the only one who knows something about the true history of these characters?

  12. Ragnar & Lagartha story line has been a truly great love story . I cant wait to watch Bjorn prove to Ragnar he is the ultimate warrior and roll over rollo – patiently waiting for next episode

  13. I’m a hopeless romantic. I would love to see lagertha and Ragnar back together. I would love to see her have another son with Ragnar. I wish she would kill aslaug.

  14. i wanted to see the head of Rollo in the last scene making everyone wonder how he alone took his revenge when everyone betrayed him……. it would have been a coolest tragic end..
    lot to see in extended series…
    Magnus, Alfred are two story i want the same bromance in them like athlestan and ragnar had..

    and will love to see Harbard and Ragnar meet

    instead of showing Wessex Mercia and Northambria part…..
    ill love to see Bjorn taking on Mediterranean sea
    and Ragnar taking on Rollo and his idiot king….

    casting of ragnar’s son is great too, one or two will die soon i know bcoz its Vikings….

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