Vinyl Season 1 Episode 9 (S1E9) Review

Vinyl Season 1 Episode 10 Review
Vinyl Season 1 Episode 10 Review

Vinyl Season 1 Episode 9 Review: This episode S1E9 begins with a Jimmy Hendrix song.  Ritchie is seen to be going to confront Devon with a tennis racket. (watch: 24 Audio Launch.)

Realizing that he is going to mess up his life soon, Richie bangs on room doors at the Chelsea Hotel, looking for his wife. When he finally finds the right apartment, he enters the room suspiciously only to find Billy McVicar, the photographer who’s having an affair with Devon, trying to kill a small bat that somehow got inside the room.

Vinyl Season 1 Episode 9 Review

Richie knows why Billy would be present in his wife’s room, but he ignores it and instead tries to kill the bat along with Billy. In the heat of the moment, he smashes Billy’s head with the tennis racket and finally kills the bat.

After having been killed the bat, Ritchie and Billy stare at each other for a while, and Billy quietly backs out of the room. The argument that follows when Ritchie tries to reconcile with Devon does not yield good results. Ritchie is reminded by Devon of the reasons why she left her. She even shows him a photo of the TV he smashed earlier. In the rage, he puts his hand on her throat to threaten her.

Vinyl Season 1 Episode 9 Review

The series is getting interesting with the progress in the story. In a scene in this episode, top American Century executives are seen discussing how to work with the production in lieu with mob financing.

Meanwhile, we have another love triangle between Jamie, Kip and Alex. At her mother’s behest, Jamie was thrown out of her aunt’s house with her possessions in garbage bags.

Despite a lecture from Andrea on the inadvisability of sleeping with an artist, she’s the A&R rep for, she ends up crashing at Kip’s place. When Kip is uncooperative during the photo shoot, Alex argues with him, but Jamie saves the day.

Later, we see the three of them in bed together. But it didn’t feel awkward given the ways in the seventies were. What makes it different than other intimate scenes is the look on Kip’s face late at night, gazing regretfully at the nude bodies of Jamie and Alex as they sleep wrapped around each other.

Kudos to the team of “Vinyl”, they can make even a love triangle look like a competition, with Kip being confused with the dilemma that in whose arms Jamie would end up.

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