‘Violet Evergarden’ Episode 4 Anime Spoilers: Streaming on Tokyo MX, Netflix

Award winning ‘Violet Evergarden’ Anime series is going to have some really exciting changes in the Episode 4. The show is one of the most loved Novel based Anime series on Netflix right now.

After facing a lot of complications and confusions in the beginning, Our Veteran finally learnt the right way to write letters to loved ones and learnt a lot during the training period. Japanese drama fantasy anime series, “Violet Evergarden” story will be taking some new moves with unexpected characters from now.

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The journey of finding the meaning of true had begun or about to begun is currently one of the most revolving question in fan’s mind.

Keeping the promise, Violet finally started to take part in an Auto Memory Doll Training School, she is willing to become a proper doll in order to secure her current job at the CH Postal Company which is owned by her former master’s devoted pal, Claudia Hodgins.

Violet also got a great chance to meet another student Luculia Marlborough, with whom she was given the task to furnish her actual ghostwriting adeptness.

Violet unfortunately failed in trying to impress the school instructor, Rhodanthe. He taught and realised the former soldier of war, value of letter writing. Just to make her understand the skills better, Luculia helped her by taking her to a visit at top of bell tower and shared a her story with a friend, which changed the entire scenario.

After a lot of failed attempts and continuous motivation from Luculia, Violet was successful in drafting her first successful ghostwrite letter. But it was just the first move towards turning herself into a Auto Memory Doll. A lot much intense and big challenges are waiting for her in the future. She was somehow successful in impressing her siblings and Luculia.

The most interesting question for upcoming days of series would be her dealing with tough love life challenges she is going to face while becoming a Auto Memory Doll. It seems quite difficult for a War Veteran like her who comes from a totally different background. Being a technically emotionless doll, the love part of the story is going to be much tough for her. Finding the meaning of ‘I love You’ is going to be of million steps.

For the upcoming episode we can say all is Violet role as proper doll is going to begun as challenge in episode 4.

‘Violet Evergarden’ Anime is going to air at midnight JST on Tokyo MX (Wednesdays). Netflix is currently streaming the latest episodes in Canada and United Kingdom, soon ‘Violet Evergarden’ will be available for United States as well.

‘Violet Evergarden’ is Japaneses Anime series based on light novel series written by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase.

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