Sites To Watch Anime Online: List of Top Free and Paid Anime Streaming Websites

watch anime online
watch anime online
Disclaimer: The below sites may be legal/illegal. So, proceed on your own risk.

Sites To Watch Anime Online Streaming: Hunting for websites to stream anime/cartoons? Then, you have landed at the right place. We have searched a long list of sites which are absolutely free to use. These sites will make your journey easy into the world of animation. That will be super exciting to watch.

Nowadays, people talk more about anime than earlier concepts. The high-quality graphics provided by anime sites look attractive to the viewers. Utilize your internet speed for watching anime series /shows. You can go for online streaming there. Some of them provide live streams too. Along with it, there is an option for downloading anime for free available to watch later.

Watch Anime Online

As soon as new movies hit the cinemas, people start downloading them to watch at home. The same thing applies to anime too. An anime is usually a style of Japanese film and TV animation or cartoons in simple language. Once you watch it, you become a fan of it. And this raises your curiosity level to look for more.

The technology has become so advanced that things which were a dream earlier can be easily watched at home with comfort. Are you a die-hard fan of a series that you watch regularly? Then, go to the anime sites available. Now, the problem is that- there are a lot of sites providing anime content online. So, which site to trust?

Hope this article will solve your problem. In this article, you’ll find a list of top anime streaming sites to watch anime online. In addition, there are also some sites that are absolutely legal and free/paid to use.

When we download an anime episode, we face some problems and that too with the time-lapse. It takes a huge time to get stored. For that query, we can go with the streaming option. The first anime version is launched in Japanese. Along with that, we see other dubbed versions available.

Free Anime Streaming Sites

While searching on the web, you may get along a list of options for streaming anime online. This will create a doubt in your mind about which site to choose? And which one to avoid? For tackling your doubts, we have searched some sites and used them to know their merits and demerits. Check the list given below:


It is new but one of the best and free anime streaming sites. AnimeXD features both English dub and subbed animes. It has got an extremely easy and good easy to use UI. Visitors visiting this site can chat with one another via the chat widget available. Also, there is a dedicated section for trending animes. And, another interesting thing about this site is that multiple mirrors are available for almost every anime.


The first site we are offering you is ‘’. This is one of the most viewed sites by all. The viewers and fans of anime will get a good quality display to watch. The plus point for all the viewers attached to this website is that- It is an ad-free site. Wow, that’s the thing every viewer looks for. Disturbing again and again by ads makes you feel less interested to go for live streaming.

This barrier gets cut off with this site. In addition, the site offers an option to stream dubbed versions of anime. Many sites don’t even offer this option. Plus, this website will be providing good options to go with. All you need to do is play the series and enjoy watching it. You can click on the download option at the bottom of the embedded player.

Your download will be done without any obstacles. In comparison with ‘kissanime’ and ‘9anime’- the best one award goes to 9anime by viewers. No complications are indulged in dealing with this website which makes it the best.


This site is been called- ‘King of all anime websites.’ What a huge compliment! The site offers a large variety of anime to watch which makes it popular among the viewers. The counting of a number of fans for these sites is just beyond every other site. Huge fans use this site for watching anime. Also, the website has achieved high ratings.

Basically, it uses low bandwidth and the loading time is just within 10 seconds. When you are watching an anime series, the site will offer you the best possible quality which relates to that of YouTube (from 240p to 1080p). It works smoothly with all kinds of devices. The best part of this website is that it runs using JavaScript software.

This is a step which is forgotten by many mini-browsers. You don’t need to go with the long list of the registration process for using this site. Easily access is possible and you can enjoy your favorite anime shows. The barrier that brings the site is that- you can’t go for download option here. Else, it is a good website to use.

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How can we forget ‘Chia-anime?’ One of a good site that offers wide features. It is just like ‘Kissanime’ which works with no complications. At any point in time, you can use this site. By this, I mean to say that this website will make you access the popular anime series from all time periods. Also, you can watch the latest episodes too.

While some sites lack behind in the latest anime series. If you are not able to select the anime streaming website till now, go with this site once. When you use it, you’ll get to know some more benefits of this site. Chia-anime is one of a site that frequently updates the episodes for the anime series. In fact, the speed for updates is 10 times more than every other website.

Here, you’ll get to see English subbed anime. You can enjoy watching it by streaming or downloading it. The quality offered by the site is quite high.


When you ask your friend which website they are using for streaming anime episodes. You’ll get an answer including the name of this site. It is a mostly used site. Huge viewers are joining this site for watching anime. No bad experience you’ll be facing by using this site. One of the well-polished website it comes under. And the ratings for ‘AnimeSeason’ goes high because of its good quality and simple infrastructure.

Also, it is one of an ad-free website to login with. No disturbance while watching your favorite episodes of anime series. In addition, there are attached video players for the users. With this, you can go for online subbed anime episodes. You can see the captions and titles without facing any problem. One problem you’ll deal with while using this site is about the search bar.

There is an absence of a search bar here. Instead of this, there is a left pane which makes you reach for the things you wish to look for.

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watch anime online
watch anime online

This is given the compliment of being one of the best anime streaming sites. The GUI build surface is absolutely amazing to deal with. You can’t miss the premium platform it offers. The layout is given the remark of excellent by the users. No end to the number of anime series you wish to search for.

While going through the review system, you’ll get to know about the new anime available. Which anime to watch? This can be clarified by the rating given to the series. You won’t be fining any complications while searching your favorite series. Plus, this website offers ad-free streaming.

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  • Animestreams.Tv

Navigation control seems important when we are dying to watch our favorite anime series. Here, you get best options to go with. We have seen many sites that are interrupted by pop-ups or ads. They destroy the joy of our watch. But to tackle this problem, Anime stream site is built.

Yes, the site offers ad-free streaming. In addition, you get the option of watching dubbed anime. Yes, you can play them in English too. All your favorite anime series are available in English dubbed and subbed versions.


Another site for watching free anime online is Gogoanime. With this website, you can surf as many anime episodes as you wish to. The online streaming option gives you a good visual view. Also, the site offers the viewers to see their favorite Japanese anime with English subtitles. This is just fabulous.

The database is extremely well maintained and get refreshed frequently within small time intervals. The user interface offered is good. Along with all these features, there is a GoGo Anime app available for the users. This is just a request thought in advance of users by the site owners. Now, you can enjoy your anime episodes on iPhone, iPad and Android mobiles.


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anime streaming sites
anime streaming sites
  • AnimeFreak.Tv

AnimeFreak is one of the best sites used by a lot number of viewers of anime. It provides all the latest episodes to watch and the best anime series are given here. For watching the latest and popular anime, you can see a list of anime series with a separate column.

For browsing options, the genre tab is available. This will enable you to search for what you are looking for. In addition, you get to read manga online with the help of this website. This seems to be a part of the wish list of the manga lovers.


The highly-rated site for watching anime series online. The built-in user interface of this site is absolutely simple and clean. The look-wise view of the website seems quite grubby but the inbuilt structure is pretty sorted and clean. One can easily go with the navigation options on the website.

Along with the long list of series, viewers can watch anime movies too. This site definitely calls for a try once.

Sites to Watch Anime Online: Subscription Streaming Websites

  • Crunchyroll:

The best legal anime website for the lovers of anime. The range of collection is quite large on this website. And you get to stream as many episodes of anime as you want. We can call it a premium site too. The features of the site are quite developed. There are some anime videos that you can access free of cost.

There is a membership plan offered by the website for the users. To watch all the anime series here, you need to subscribe to a premium membership pack. This will offer you an ad-free experience. Not having any shortage of money, then go with it. The quality of the site is legally approved. With the membership, you get access to the latest shows, manga, and many more things.

Also, the premium users get a chance to simulcast brand new episodes within 1 hour of getting out in Japan. This experience will be an ad-free one.

  • TubiTv:

Free legal anime streaming site. The users can get access to a wide range of anime series. This site offers you to watch the latest episodes. All brand new episodes are attached to this website within the weekly time interval. In logical order, the series is arranged for the users to watch.web

The best part of this site is that it is available free of cost. TubiTv has a lot of users attached to it. One of a popular site it grabs the attention of a huge number of viewers.  The infrastructure built on the website is absolutely amazing. You may find some differences between the catalog and your location. Well, that is not something to be very conscious of.

You’ll get to see a good range of the collection available on the site.

  • Viewster:

This site is one of a movie streaming stage. The website is filled with a wide range of anime series collection too. Both the movies and anime series can be watched here. The basic focus of attention is given to anime. That’s why we call it an anime streaming site. Fans will love this website just after using it once. This site calls for a try.

  • Animelab:

One of a hit premium sites. Yes, this site works just like a premium website. That’s why we call it a site with premium quality. New Zealand and Australia viewers must definitely use it. Here, a wide variety of anime series is available to stream online. Absolutely legal to watch!

Don’t panic while navigating within this website. Further, many dubbed versions are also available. For watching the dubbed version, you need to pay some membership fee, viz., AUD 6. With this, you’ll get to subscribe to premium quality. What a well-established site! No chance of missing it.

  • Yahoo Anime:

Why do we remember Hulu? Because of the high-quality uploads and a wide variety of anime films and series. Yes! Some countries are forbidden from using this site. The website is not reachable in many countries. But the countries having access to this site can use it as it offers a good anime series.

The user- friendly interface provided by the website enhances it to a much more level. You can legally make access to your favorite anime shows. The restriction with Hulu is that it is not available in the whole world. Many countries are deprived of using this site. Only the internet users can have access to Hulu which may be from Europe and Asia.

Add some more anime in your list by using Hulu.

  • Because:

Not a wholly anime site. But it is an anime streaming search toggle. For navigating this, you just need to search your anime series. Then you’ll get to see some options from where you can watch your anime series. One thinks the users need to know is that it offers options for paid sites.

So, if you not sick of money try it once. There may be one or two free sites also. You can go with that too. The website offers a simple homepage with easily accessible options. The user interface is good. Don’t miss any chance of using it!

  • Funimation:

One of the best legal sites till now. Completely legal site run with creative thoughts. Well-developed and offers a wide range of anime series. Each anime series you watch here is licensed with Funimation anime video. Also, it offers the viewers to watch dubbed or subbed versions of the latest anime series.

There is a premium membership offer for using this website which works as a business for the owner. Free users get to watch only subbed versions of anime. But the paid users also called premium users can have access to dubbed versions too.

If you don’t mind with money matters, you can use it. You’ll love using this site and enjoy watching your favorite anime series in their dubbed and subbed versions.

  • Daisuki:

This is one of a good legal anime streaming site. A huge number of Japanese anime production companies prefer DAISUKI. This is one of the newly developed sites by many companies. And they feel good about investing in this website. We can call DAISUKI as an official website. Now, why will the users skip using any official site for their anime streaming option?

The picture quality is not below average. Instead, it offers high-quality videos to look into. The access option is attached to membership. You can subscribe to the premium membership option for watching your favorite anime series. Also, the range of collection if quite large.

  • Netflix

It’s probably the largest streaming network available as of now. It is also looking to cash in on the anime craze just like its competitor Hulu. The site already features many top-tier titles like Attack on Titan. It is the sole distributor of The Seven Deadly Sins online and expanding a series like Godzilla and Devilman.

Sites To Watch Anime Online: Paid/Free Anime Streaming Sites

NO. Website Upload Download Charge Format
1 Hulu Anime No No Free or Hulu Plus Adobe Flash Player (AFP)
2 SideReel Anime No Yes Free AFP & Apple Quicktime
3 My Video Yes No, Free AFP
4 Watchcartoonon No No Free AFP
5 Veoh Yes No, Free AFP
6 Crunchyroll No No Free or Premium Membership AFP
7 Anime44 No No, Free AFP
8 No No Free AFP
9 GoGoAnime No No Free AFP
10 Kiss Anime No No Free AFP


In the end, we would conclude that all the site offers many features. Some may be good for a few viewers. Some may be bad for a few viewers. But you can choose wisely the website which is best suitable for you. Our research has brought up a huge list of websites for anime streaming online.

Many sites are available free to use. So, there’s no restriction regarding that. Not sick of money? Then click the premium membership option and enjoy watching your favorite anime series. The user interfaces build within the sites are completely user- friendly.

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