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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd April
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Wednesday episode is out. Ashok managed to get some info with his mic which was placed in Ishita’s bag. So What did he plan to do next? Suraj is also plotting something huge against Bala and Vandu. Take a look to see what all happened in this new episode. [ Also See: Last episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ]

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Wednesday Full Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd Dec 2015: The episode begins with Ashok thinking of Ishita’s words and wonders how did she know all of this as if Shagun has told her. He thinks of confirming Shagun’s death first. So he moves to Hospital. On the other hand,, Bala gets the cheque and Khosla says here’s your cheque. Suraj asks Khosla about the loan nd he says he has given him. Suraj says let’s make him debt to you first and hold him down wit the money problem. Khosla says he will trap him. Ashok checks for Shagun’s death certificate in Hospital and doesn;t find it. He comes to a conclusion that Shagun isn’t dead and Ishita is planning for something big. He plans for a counter attack.

Ashok contacts a mobile service provider and asks for Ishita’s phone records. They provide him and Ashok calls up a number and hears Shagun’s voice. He is shocked to hear Shagun’s voice and manages it like a credit card company. Shagun ends call saying not interested. Everyone in Bhalla’s house leave for dinner and Ishita says Raman will come there directly. Shagun calls Ishita and says she has come out and Ishita asks why. Shagun says Ashok has come to her apartment and says he is smart. They doubt him doubting them. She asks him to go to Prateek’s flat and says her to stay there and says she is out for dinner and she will be back.


Ishita turns and finds Sarika behind her and asks her what is he doing. She says she has come to inform that everyone is waiting. Ishita says she has got some urgent work at the clinic she has to go and asks all of them to go. Shagun arrives and sees family outside. She asks the taxi walla to wait, but he leaves. She calls Ishita and Ishita ask her to come to the store room. SHagun says she is scared and she says she hasn’t eaten anything and she is thirty. She makes her wait in the storeroom and says she will get something for her. Raman asks the family about Ishita and they say she’s busy. Ashok finds Ishita near the storeroom.

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