Work Video: Rihanna and Drake New Single Song Released Officially

Work Video – Rihanna and Drake New Single Song: A new track featuring Drake and Rihanna has been released by the makers. Some moments of the clip are sufficient to make it to the top of the charts across the globe. Last week, its 30-second video clip was released which showed various shooting places like Los Angeles, Toronto – all North America. (see: GOA collection.)

The video is basically divided into two parts. In the first half, both the stars go to a Toronto Caribbean restaurant where they had a lot of drinks and danced the whole night. After all this, it appears that it ends but then comes the second half. In the another half, Drake and Rihanna appear into a private room full of pink and purple color. Both stars danced in it. This all stuff takes about 8 minutes to complete.

Work Video – Rihanna and Drake New Single Song

Rihanna work drake

It has been sung by singer’s new LP ANTI and released about a month ago. It reached to the maximum of #4 in the Top 10 of the Billboard charts in the most recent listing. ANTI’s anemic first week sales had tons of streams and downloads and then it reached to #1 in its second week.

A little drop in the YouTube video plays for Justin Bieber’s recently released and most watched songs can help “Work” break and reach new milestones. However, even if it doesn’t work like this, it will live up to the expectations of Rihanna and Drake as it will reach within the Top 10 anyhow.

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