X Men Apocalypse Trailer: Last XMen Official Theatrical Trailer Reveals Everything [Spoilers]

X-Men: Apocalypse Box Office Collection XMA Fourth/4th Day (Monday) 4 Days Worldwide
X-Men: Apocalypse Box Office Collection XMA Fourth/4th Day (Monday) 4 Days Worldwide

X Men: Apocalypse Trailer: It has been released today, and it’s the final teaser video. After it, we will watch directly the movie. The video released today morning is filled with the major revealations, relationships, and backstories. All of them fill it with emotions. We have broke it down to tell you specifically about each scene for you only.

The X-Men trailer starts with its base. The sign shows that it’s the school of professor Xavier Charles. It couldn’t exist anywhere else. (watch: Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 spoilers.)

X Men: Apocalypse Trailer

In this scene, we can see Professor X teaching with students and teaching them. Here, he says, “Things are better. The world is better.” But, the situation right after it becomes exactly opposite and thus, the irony makes him its bitch.

Well, he didn’t say that line there rather he finished it here in a private conversation with Mystique. She probably came to warm him against the Apcalypse or Magneto as she fears something dangerous coming.

She said that it doesn’t mean peace only if there isn’t any war. She warned him that someone is coming to ruin the peace. Her statment is worth capturing attention.

Then comes the pyramid scene again and this time there is an ankh inside a triangle. It seems to be a symbol of Apocalypse.

X Men: Apocalypse Trailer

Oscar Issac turns into an Ivan Ooze-themed Oscar Issac. It is a tragedy of the film. Moira MacTagger tells Professor what she had heard about him. She told him that some calls him Apocalypse. She and Mystique want Xavier to believe them that the biggest danger of all times is coming for them.

Moira tells that he has been making an army of mutuants to utlize their powers all at once.

The above sand destruction scene which we have already seen appears again, but this time in a modern setting. It is a proof of the Apocalypse’s power. It’s just a view of his powers. He can destroy cities and individuals too.

The above photo shows Angel in a so-called “Mutant Fight Club.” Only movie will be able to tells how he got to be at such a place.

Psylocke has been as a very glamorous fighter. Well, it’s indeed true. But all the shots of her fight seems to be from a single one.

For the first time, Professor X is seen on a rocky surface, i.e., anywhere else other than the mansion or the school. He has donned a v-neck tee and is present with Moira. He argues with Erik to not to join somebody.

So, the scene appears to be that Magneto is not an unwilling person in the plan of Apocalypse. Probably, it’s the after scene when Magneto raises and pulls professor X with his wheelchair. The place appears to be far from the mansion.

Moreover, Mystique appears to be begging Magneto to not to join the Apocalypse’s plan. Thus, it is clear that Erik has already joined him in his destructive plan.

X Men: Apocalypse Trailer

The above shot is of the same place where Magneto has taken professor X and where they are talking to each other.

Magneto said that whatever Charles saw in him, he has buried the same with his family members.

It’s a flashback. It looks like that we would see Magneto with Magda, the mother of Quicksilver in the upcoming movie.

The above shot of hand is of Apocalypse. However, it looks like and could be of Nightcrawle or maybe it’s Mystique as there are many people with that texutre in the film.

And it’s Apocalypse doing destruction and the scene is from Australia.

The Beast confirms that they have kidnapped Professor X. Beast tells Raven. He tells her that world needs her and the X-Men, but she refused saying that she is no hero.

Beast says, “The students look up to you.” Well, first of all the question arises, how and when such a change took place. It may have happened between the Days of Future Past and at that point in time. Her conversation with professor X now seems to back her assumption up.

X Men: Apocalypse Trailer

Mystique agreed to join them and teach the kids, but she said that she would teach them how to fight. Thus, it shows that she used to visit the ‘Mutant Fight Club’ couple of times.

The previous trailers have shows the above fight between Nightcrawler and Angel before. But, now we have got to understand the reason behind it. You should have a look at the outfit of Nightcrawler.

Nightcrawler teleport Mystique and there she says to follow her. It appeared as if there was a riot at the Mutant Fight Club. She has been seen donning the black leather and t-shirt many of the times in the movie.

Nighcrawler’s accent is a little difficult to understand, but most probably he said “You are here” to Mystique. It may be a hint of the relationship which they have in the comics.

Mystique is kept on getting hits with the new revealations. The recent one is that Magneto is the father of Quicksilver. Well, this time, it is a big shocker. It’s to us too.

X Men: Apocalypse Trailer

Mystique responded to the statement and it’s totally appropirate.

Well, the explanation of Quicksilver is inappropriate. He says, “He and my mom, they did it.”

The X Men trailers have some fight scenes too along with being cool. We have seen several matchups between XMen and Horseman. This time, it’s between Storm and Cyclops.

Now, it’s Beast vs Psylocke. But, we haven’t seen any match between Professor X and Magneto other than a emotional speech of X. It became interesting when Mystique takes a stand agaist Apocalypse.

Psylocke looks pleased during a fight scene with Beast.

Stryker arrives at the school. The helicopter flies over a landscape which looks like the alkali lake facility from the X2. Maybe he is going to invade the school and kidnap the children for the second time.

She appears to be Jubilee. She may have escaped the mansion explosion.

This must be a scene before the Cerebro explodes. Mystique tells them to forget everything they knew. It looks like an inappropriate venue to talk about such stuff.
X Men: Apocalypse Trailer

Destruction takes place in full swing and Mystique says ,”You are not students anymore.”

Mystique knocks out someone. She has donned the same outfit as before. She maybe near some control systems. She may have caused that stampede in the Mutant Fight Club and probably that’s the time when she grabbed Nightcrawler.

Magneto bets and says that he will fetch everything from the XMen as they look more human than X-Men.

Here Professor X’s Cerebro exlodes.

A big circle appears behind Mystique when she says, “You are XMen”. It’s more likely to be a Cerebore than any Danger Room. Carles saw Apcalypse’s mind and his powers. Mystique delivers a speech and the Cerebro explodes.

The X Men knocks out Psylocke out of the Blackbird.

Such scenes of sand work have already been featured many times. We can link them to ancient Egyptian Apocalypse’ sand trick.

Mystique comes to rescue the students trapped and captured by Stryker. This scene shows that they are less trapped than guessed. Mystique says, “You have been busy.”

Cyclops said that they did a little help.

And now, this is Wolverine. Stryker has been put in the film for the sake of Wolverine. Hugh Jackman appears to have a cameo only in the movie.

Watch: X Men Apocalypse Trailer – Official Theatrical Final Video

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