Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st June 2016: Ruhi Comes Back To Bhalla House

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2016
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st June 2016: Raman was tensed and said to Ishita that they lost their child Ruhi. But Ishita did not lose her patience and said that there must be a way to get Ruhi back to home. Pihu saw them sad and felt bad; she then told Adi about that.

Adi made some plan and asked Pihu to follow that as it would help them to get Ruhi back. She agreed and did as Dadi said to do. Ruhi cried when she saw her return gift. She got emotional. Pihu went to Ruhi and asked her for the return gift, she emotionally blackmailed her and said if she could not give anything that would be okay.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st June 2016

But Ruhi said she would give her anything she wanted. Pihu asked Ruhi to promise her that she would go home back with her. Ruhi agreed. Raman and Ishita looked for Pihu everywhere; they got worried for her.

Pihu informed them that she went to Ruhi’s house and also told them that Ruhi was on her way back to home with her. They got shocked but were really happy to know that. They thanked the Lord for his blessings. Ishita told Raman that both sisters could reunite the whole Bhalla family. They walked towards home to inform everyone.

Nidhi came to know that Ruhi was going to Bhalla’s house. She got angry and asked Ruhi not to go, but Ruhi said that she had to go as she had promised Pihu. She raised her hand to slap Ruhi, but Pihu stopped her. Pihu apologized to Nidhi and asked her not to worry for Ruhi; they would take care of her.

Adi and Ruhi and Pihu were on their way to home. Pihu kept on chatting with Ruhi while going back to home. Adi just smiled seeing both her sisters happy and talking. Ruhi thanked Pihu and said to her that she was really cute and hugged her.

Shagun did not know where Pihu was; she was really worried for her. She asked everyone if they knew where Pihu was. Mrs. Bhalla then told her that she would be back with Ishita and Raman soon. Mrs. Bhalla was sad and did not believe that Ruhi was coming back home.

Just then Pihu came and Ruhi too. Everyone was surprised but happy too. They were all glad to see her. Mrs. Bhalla then did Ruhi’s aarti. Mr. Bhalla went to Amma’s house and informed them too. Amma and Balla and all went to meet Ruhi.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st June 2016

Nidhi threw things angrily and informed Ashok that Ruhi went to her family house to stay. He reasoned for the same that she was Ishita’s daughter and also that she would not come back to Nidhi.

Ashok thought of a way to trouble Bhalla family. He said to Nidhi that he had a plan which would make Bhalla family homeless.
Raman met Ruhi when she was walking through the hall; he showed her some things that he kept safely.

Ishita smiled seeing them together.

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