Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th March 2016 Thursday Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd March 2016
 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein new episode is out. Ishita is at Bhalla’s house and Niddhi is trying to see, is she Ishita or Shanaya. See what happened next.
The episode begins with everyone in ethe house asking Shanaya is she Ishita or not. She says sorry and Raichand says sorry and says Ashok said Ishita’s face matches with Shanaya, but he didn’t say that Ishita is Raman’s wife. They leave. Simmi thinks of her as an angel for stopping the marriage, Suraj brings Vandu and Ishita is shocked seeing Vandu’s state. Suraj says Shanaya, Ashok was saying me about her.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th March 2016

Raman says this time no such thing should happen and Niddhi fumes at him. He says are you doubting me? He says he has pushed his wife from the cliff and she calms down. He says he will meet Raichand and confirm whether she is Ishita or Shanaya. Suraj brings Vandu and Amma cries seeing her. Bala asks her where were you. Bala slaps him as he is responsible for such state. Suraj says sorry and Bala beats him more and Appa scold him. Bala says I am ruined and cries. Suraj leaves. Raman comes out of his house and sees Bala crying and feels sorry as he can’t help him in this situation. He thinks of saluting Ishita for acting like a ghost. Raman meets Raichand and he praises and Raman says challenge begins now. Raichand tells him about the forensic reports. Raman says we must keep Niddhi in confusion state and get the chip. Raichand wishes them good luck.

Ishita says it was a strange day as I was just like a doll. She cries and Raman pacifies her. Raman comes home and Ruhi asks him and Raman fumes at her. Simmi dances and says Shanaya made the marriage stop. Raman looks on and thinks he is the most happiest one now. Raman and Niddhi argue. Niddhi asks is he confused and he says yes, How did she come back live as I pushed her off the cliff. Niddhi says I am embarrassed in front of your family now and Raman asks her not to worry as they hate both of us.

She speaks of marriage and he says we are in this together. He says if his family uses Shanaya to hurt us and what will we do. He says we have missed that chip intentionally and we must find the truth asap. She says she will go mad. He says for my sake and smiles seeing her worrying.

Ashok asks Suraj why did he go there and says why did she get beaten by Bala. He asks Suraj did he fall her Vandu again. Suraj asks him to stop and feel sorry for her. He did that in anger but never thought she would end up alcoholic and feels regret for ruining a woman’s life. Suraj sees marks on Ashok’s face and asks what happened and he says Shanaya hit me and Suraj says even I wanted to slap you for going after them. Ashok asks him to wait as he will get money from them soon. Ruhi recalls Ishita and asks Shravan about this and he too says he has felt her like Ishi Maa. Niddhi thinks she will find out the truth and marry Raman soon.

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