Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th February 2016 Friday Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd March 2016
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest episode is out. Ishita didn’t get the bail and who is behind this? Did they find out? Take a look. [See al: YHM episodes]

The episode begins with Bala and Vandi thinking of how to break the truth to kids and Ruhi comes out of School and asks about Ishita and they think. Bala says Raman is trying hard and Vandu says Ishita didn’t get bail yet and says Pallavi gave the wrong statement. They think the kids will cry but Ruhi says fine, we will wait and take care of elders as they will be sad. They both think how mature they are and Bala asks Vandu did she drink and she says yes as he told her to drink when she feels worried.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th February 2016

Suyyash says to Pallavi so you did as we planned and Sarika comes there and gives Rohit to her and says our deal is done and you can raise him as Amar is no more between you and Rohit. She comes home and everyone fumes at her and Mr. Bhalla calms Raman and she says hse has sent Rohit to his real mother. Sarika taunts him and Raman says my kids won’t see Ishita because of Sarika. Ruhi misses Ishita and Ishita eats food and her inmates taunt her for not getting bail even having money and contacts and Ishita asks them to do their own work and pushes one away and she gets hurt and the constable takes her off.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th February 2016

Thet night, the woman who was hurt by Ishita comes to her and holds her neck and the warden comes and Ishita coughs and she releases her and starts acting like sleeping and the warden asks what happened and Ishita sys she has breath problem and warden gives her a doll and Ishita says It’s my Ruhi’s doll and the warden says she has come here today with her uncle and she gave this to you and she is beautiful. Ishita hugs it and Teri bechaini ka………..plays………..


Warden takes the doll away and says she can’t keep it and asks her to see it from the cell and Ishita thanks her. Ruhi tells the family that she has gone with uncle to jail and gave Ishita my doll as she misses us and she will not feel alone. Ishita thinks Ruhi has become sensible and cries. Swapn Sunehere Ghaw Gehre ….. plays……………

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi to sleep with her but she says no as she is having Ishita stories with her and Ishita has recorded it for me when I was going to London and says I will hear them and Adi says he will join too and Mrs. Bhalla hope Ishita returns soon. The same woman gets tooth pain and Ishita helps her but the woman thinks he might take revenge but Ishita treats her saying she is a dentist and removes the stone from the tooth and says That’s why I said that day food must not have stones as they cause problems. The other women say she treated her and saved her too.


Raman is off to meet Niddhi and sees Ruhi and Adi in car and they promise not to disturb him and he takes them and Niddhi asks Is this any kind of circus and Ruhi says they came to help aunty and Niddhi says I am not your aunty and asks Ruhi what veg she doesn’t like and Ruhi says Karela and Niddhi say so that is why I don’t want to lose and says will win this case.

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