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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th October 2015: YHM new episode is out. Take a look at what all action and drama happened in this latest episode of Ye Hain Mohabatein here. Since this TV Serial is aired in Star Plus, expectations, and the craze is on a whole new level with every episode. The audience just loves watching this kind of serials as they see comedy, family drama at the same time. So folks see what all happened in the new episode here.

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The episode begins with a conversation between Sarika and Romi. They both quarrel over the earning issue. Sarika says that she will stop working when Romi is earning well for both of them. Mrs Bhalla sends Neelu to Amma as she saw chat papers. Amma says I can’t talk to strangers and Mrs. Bhalla talks to her. Amma says that she still regrets Rinki’s death and Mihika is not responsible for this. Mrs. Bhalla says let’s settle this.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th October 2015

Mrs. Bhalla says that Appa might not have done this, but someone has mishandled with APpa’s name. Amma says, you are right and Asks for Chatting papers. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to get those. But Neelu has wrong and gives Simmi’s papers to her. Amma is shocked to see Rama’s paternity test papers with her. She comes to know Raman’s DNA is checked with some other woman, Shagun’s child.

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Raman hears Manoj talking about Delhi and Shagun to his mom via phone. Raman and Manoj talk about Surrogacy. Raman says to Manoj that he shouldn’t have allowed this pregnancy as this has stood as a barrier for their friendship to turn into love. Manoj says it’s ok as she loves this and will her time to love him. Dad is yet to arrive here and let’s see what happens. Raman leaves.

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Amma comes to the clinic where Simmi has given DNA of Ramn to do a check. She asks her DNA reports and the attendee says that it will take time, But Amma says that she is busy and asks her to give the reports immediately. Finally, reports arrive e and Amma are shocked to see Raman Bhalla is the father of SHagun Arora’s baby. She cries by seeing the result as positive. She thinks of Raman and says how did he manage to do this? He’s so evil.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th October 2015

Simmi now asks Neelu about the papers. Neelu says that she has given them to Amma. Simmi is shocked and scolds her for doing so. She then leaves to Amma and she will also collapse after seeing the result from the papers. Raman calls Shagun and says that he is coming and arrives. Raman talks to Shagun about giving Manoj a chance to prove himself. He tells her that Manoj is loving her purely and it is her right to give him a chance. If everything goes well, he might become the life partner which you were waiting for. He takes a promise from her to talk to Manoj.

Here, Amma, Mrs. Bhalla, and Simmi cry over Raman’s issue. They say that Raman needs to answer this. Ishita always said that Raman only loves her. After seeing this Isihita might collapse too. Ishita arrives and asks what happened. Simmi says that we are cheated and doomed with the result showing that Raman is the real father of SHagun’s child. Ishita too cries and Ye Hai Mohabatein plays.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th October 2015 episode ended here. Stay tuned with us for latest news and more updates.

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