Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th November 2015 Friday Episode – Star Plus


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th November 2015: YHM latest episode is out. This Friday episode revolves around Romi, Shagun, Raman. But the main thing, Is this the final episode to end the mystery behind the Ashok’s case? Did hey find him/she? Take a look. (watch: Bigg Boss 9 day 33.)

The episode begins with Ishita explaining Bala’s mum. She says she is doing this only to save her family and her husband. Bala’s mum says that she has always done wrong with her, but after realising all of my mistakes, I feel like I have hurt you always. I think you are the perfect wife and a good woman and I will tell anyone about this. I regret not making you my Bahu. (watch: All Episodes of Ye Hai Mohabatein.)

Bala’s mum even asks her to request for any help if needed, she will do. She hugs her and they both chuckle and Ishita feels relieved. Bala’s mum says sorry for creating confusion to others and says that Ishita has cleared her mind and cleared all of her doubts. She says to Raman that you are a good husband and asks him to protect his wife. Amma comes and asks her about the London trip and even asks her about Subbu. Bala’s mum says they are great and says she will meet Shravan and Shijita and goes.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th November 2015

Romi tells his friend that he is selling his computers at 50% off and asks him to look for a buyer asap. He gets a call from Gupta and he says about his computers and say he wants money till evening and ends the call. Shagun Abhishek talk and he ask her how did Bala’smum see her even in burqa. She says she might have seen her when she lifted. She says she has seen Simmi with wrist injury and Ishita says she can’t be the one as she loves Raman a lot.

She says we will confirm as we still have time. Shagun says that we can’t ignore her.Shagun says she has seen her confirmed. Romi comes to Sarika and gives her a letter. She looks at it and is shocked to see that she is fired. She cries and asks what is this? He says he has arranged the loan amount and asks her to sit at home and take care of Rohit and shouts at her to not show her attitude of money once again. She says it’s her wish to work or not and cries. He leaves.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th November 2015

Mrs Bhalla is worried looking at Shagun’s pic and Raman asks her not to worry. Raman comes and talks to Prateek and he says that this Pooja is only a belief. This may or may not remove Shagun out of her. But everyone family member should be present. Raman sees Sarika and Simmi, not in the Pooja. Raman calls up Romi and asks about Sarika. He says Sarika is unwell and may not attend the Pooja. Raman goes to their place and convinces Sarika. Sarika takes Rohit and leaves. Romi looks on.

Prateek talks to Ishita that he got a call from Shagun and asks him Is Ishita believe that Simmi is the culprit. Ishita says she hasn;t confirmed yet and the bandage on her hand can be of any reason. So she hasn;t reached the end point yetPrateek asks her to be strong and not be emotional as she is catching a spy or a criminal and asks her not to get that into mind. Simmi comes home at last and covers her hand with the dupatta.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th November 2015


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