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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th October 2015: YHM new episode is out.  The episode is heating up as Ishita decides to confront Shagun and also Raman, What happened between these two? Did Raman explain what really happened? Did Ishita accept? What were the circumstances? Take a brief look at what all happened in this latest episode.

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The episode begins Ishita ad Simmi rushing to Shagun’s place. Simmi says why did she return to their lives. She has left Raman for Ashok and why is she is doing this again? Raman leaves and remembers Ishita. He says Ishita loves me so much and am cheating her by not revealing the truth. He decides to tell her truth and thinks though elders will not understand, Ishita will understand for sure. He gets a call and leaves to the office.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th October 2015

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Simmi and Shagun arrive at Shagun’s place and start giving a nice coating to Shagun. Simmi says that Shagun is a stain to womanhood and keeps sleeping with everyone and makes babies. She also says she is  a shameless woman and Ishita asks her to stop. Manoj’s dad hears all of this and asks what is this Manoj? Manoj tries to explain his dad and he says that I am happy with her and you don’t the truth and says about surrogacy. His dad says that she is a surrogate mother of her ex-husband’s baby. The worst part is that his current wife doesn’t know this.Manoj says, Dad you need to come with to Mumbai, he says Raman’s wife, Ishita is a nice woman who saved my baby by losing her baby. So we thought of giving her a gift through this child. He says they thought of revealing the news once the baby reaches a stable state.

Simmi and Ishita come home. Raman too arrives. Mrs. Bhalla tries to question him he says I want to talk to Ishita. His wife says I want you to reveal your answer in front of everyone. Let them know what you want to say. Raman says then I will not say anything and leaves. Ishita says, see he is o longer my husband and cries. Raman says Ishita is just and Ishita stop him and says she always wanted to break us and this day, it has happened. Raman asks her to stop and asks her listen to what he says personally. But she doesn’t listen and they keep quarreling. Mihika asks Mihir about Abhishek, Mihir says, why and she says I like him. Mihir says he is a good guy nd he is happy for them. They see Ramana nd Ishita fighting and listen to all their words. Mihir and Mihika leave to Shagun’s place. The story repeats, but now Mihir gives a nice scolding to Shagun and the neighbors to join the show. Manoj’s dad is in rage now and says I can’t accept this relation. Shagun collapses and Manoj says, I Love you and don’t think in a bad way. His dad says you have t leave him to live with her. He leaves.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th October 2015

Manoj tries to cool down Shagun by saying he doesn’t care what others say since they know what is the real truth. He says I deserve you and Mihir are scolding the other Shagun. It’s not you so please don’t take his words to your heart. Shagun cries and he says Bhalla family will know the truth and I will explain them. She says no as it may ruin the matter worse. His neighbors ring the bell.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita not to go to Ishita and say sorry. She says Raman might have to leave tis place if he doesn’t reveal the answer. She hugs Ishita nd Amma looks on.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th October 2015

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