Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th September 2015: Ishita Suffers Miscarriage


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th September 2015: The show which airs on Star India has returned with its next episode. It is the one daily soap which offers people this level of excitement is ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’, filled with high-end realistic drama, romance, and stunts, nevertheless – a complete package.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Ishita successfully save her family with security out of the bus which was fitted with bomb. The bus driver wanted to take the revenge But what happened when she jumped out of it.

Ishita’s husband just left staring at the bus without any ability to help the family. It feels worse. Last night’s episode was over with it. Below is the summary of today’s episode. Below is the written update and the videos are placed at the bottom. So, just scroll down and get it.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th September 2015

Today’s episode revealed that Ishita, who got unconscious, returns to consciousness and at the next moment queried about the well-being of her family members. But while asking, she holds her stomach with pain. The nurse told her that the doctors were not able to save her unborn child. Ishita becomes upset and asks the nurse its reason.

After getting out of the ward, Ishita unveiled to everybody what the nurse told her. She rushed to Raman to get the answer but the family tries to stop her. However, she stops seeing Ruhi crying and then hugs her.

Ishita questions Ruhi and Aadi about their well-being and then hugs both of them but tears went out of her too after seeing her children fit and fine. But Raman arrives and says that the nurse was talking about their to-be born baby. But Ishita neglects what Raman says and then she replied that the family is already complete. She apologizes everyone for getting confused. Then, there is a little motherly love to both of his children.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th September 2015

Next morning, Mrs. Bhalla welcoms Ishita to her home and orders Sarika and Romi not to discuss the miscarriage and child to her. Everyone seems happy to see Ishita back. Then, they have breakfast all together.


Ishita goes to get fresh and prays to god for saving all. She gets sticked to the rakhi prepared by Ruhi for the child while taking clothes out of the cupboard and becomes sad. Then plays Dil Kahin Rukta Nahi as the background score. Raman catches her and tells her neither to feel nor to hide her feelings. But, Ishita says that she is complete by every perspective and doesn’t need any more.

Ishita and Raman hugged each other and smiled. Mrs. Bhalla, Ruhi, and Mr. Bhalla caught them while romancing and teased them. Rinki arrived and told that she will be out for dinner with Mihika but Mrs. Bhalla said that she will talk to Mihir.

Later at the night, Raman went out of the room after switching off the lights and seeing the Ishita has slept. Then, he recalled every moment of Ishita and her unborn baby and the efforts made by her. In the end, he felt sorry for not being able to help her out of the situation and blamed himself.

Mihika saw Raman after returning home and had a conversation with him regarding the miscarriage and how Ishita saved the family.  Meera told Raman that Ishita did her duty to safeguard everyone without caring for her life. She further explained him that what matters in the end is the family and relations. However, Ishita saw him after getting awake and cries seeing blaming Raman himself.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th September 2015 episode end here.

Precap (episode September 16, 2015:
Raman having a conversation with Manoj over the Ishita’s miscarriage and says he can’t bear anymore calling her childless and infertile. Manoj tells him that there is a way to solve the matter and Ishita to bear child. Hearing to this, Raman gets happy and ask about it in detail.

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