Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th September 2015: Factory Sealed; Ashok Taunts Raman


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th September 2015:┬áIn the last episode, it was revealed that Raman and Ishita got to know about surrogacy, i.e., the way that can lead to the birth of their child again. But Ishita refused to go for it. Moreover, Ashok’s illegal business was unveiled. Scroll down and read what happened in today’s episode.

The start of today featured Ishita and Abhishek discussing over the topic of illegal business run by Ashok and how can they make use of it. Abhishek left the place telling her to stay there and he will get Ashok’s factory sealed.

Raman met with Suraj and Ashok at the business party. Ashok iterated that Raman has come alone without his wife. To this, Suraj reacted and asked him about the plan.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th September 2015

Simmi and Rinki were out for shopping. Simmi got a shirt of some other person and asked Rinki if she had bought it for Mihir. To this, she said that the shopkeeper might have given her the wrong one. She left to get it changed.

Abhishek got the factory of Ashok sealed. The security guard called Ashok to inform about it and he got angry after hearing the news. He shared the news with Suraj. To take a chance on Raman, Ashok announced that Raman is going to be a dad soon and congratulated him. But Suraj stopped him and corrected him about the present situation. Raman said Ishita suffered miscarriage. But Ashok continued to make fun of him and his wife. And it resulted in lots of arguments between them. To control the situation, some persons present there stopped and separated them.

Ishita received Abhishek’s call offering her the thanks for saving little lives. On the o ther hand, Raman remembered the taunts of Ashok while driving back to home. Ishita got shocked when she got to know about Raman.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th September 2015

Ishita found Raman in drunk state at the police station as his car was crashed due to rash driving. She scolded him for the situation. Being stricken with the taunts of Ashok and drinks, Raman behaved oddly and they both – husband and wife had some talks and arguments.

Raman said that God always have done against him and his family and referred God as selfish. He said to give happiness to Ishita and on the other hand, he asked her to leave him alone to die. To this, she slapped to stop him.

She guessed that he is behaving such due to the taunts by Ashok at the party. Raman told her about everything what happened at the party. But, she asked him to leave and focus on the future. She assured him to get Ashok punished and let him know that the factory is sealed already and further actions on-way.

But Raman re-iterates that this will not let her become mother again. To this, Ishitra again repeated that she don’t want to be as she is already complete with a loving husband and two children. She consoled him and made her happy. They both hugged each other and left for home.

Ishita and Raman again having a conversation regarding the surrogacy but she again rejected it. She picks the pic of Adi and Ruhi and tells Raman that they both are her world and don’t need more. And told him why he doesn’t understand.

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