Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st August 2016: Ruhi and Ishita See Shagun At Anil’s Palace

yeh hai mohabbatein
yeh hai mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st August 2016: Ishita made Pihu sleep by telling her Kanha Ji stories. Ruhi smiled seeing them from behind. Pihu finally slept. Ishita came out and saw Ruhi smiling. She cried and said that Pihu wanted her Shagun mom. (check: YHM Last Episode.)

Ashok called Mihika to ask where Romi was. Mihika stated that he left early and got tensed as why he did not reach the office till then. Ashok told him that he had an important meeting. Mihika said his mood was really off and said she was worried as where he could go. Ashok asked her to come as they would find him together. Mihika agreed.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st August 2016

Pihu was taking Shagun’s name while sleeping. Ishita saw her and got worried. Ruhi asked her if Pihu was fine. Ishita denied and said she was missing Shagun while sleeping too. Ruhi said why Shagun did not come; she was not in Delhi too. Ishita said she was in Delhi only as she just asked Abhishek.

But Ruhi said why she did not come back if she was there and asked Ishita to confirm again from Abhishek. Abhishek tracked her location again and messaged Ishita and asked her to get messaged location.

Mihika reached the hotel where Ashok asked her to come. He met her and asked her to come to the hall which Romi might have booked.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st August 2016

Ishita and Ruhi went to the address given by Abhishek. But Ishita said why Shagun would come there as it was anil’s place. They were all shocked to see when they saw Shagun there. Shagun stated that she came there to meet Anil’s sister and to ask about kidnappers.


But Ishita asked her why she lied that she was in Delhi. She said she wanted Ishita and Pihu to build up a stronger bond. Ishita thanked her and hugged her. They left from there as Pihu was not well.

Ashok knocked the room which Romi checked in. Romi opened the door but was shocked to see both of them. Ashok asked if he was alone or there was some girl in. He said what rubbish he was talking.

He stated that he was drunk so thought to take rest in the room. Ashok checked for the girl in the room but not found and thought where she could be. He went leaving Mihika and Romi. Mihika got sad.

Ishita asked Shagun to meet Pihu, but she denied and asked her not to push her too much and let her handle the things she wanted to. Ruhi asked Ishita as why was Shagun was rude to her.

Shagun said to Ishita that Pihu should get habitual to her, and that was the only way, but Ishita asked her not to hurt Pihu like that. Shagun smirked and said that it was so easy for her to get Ishita in her words.

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