Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st December 2015 Tuesday Episode – Star Plus

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st July 2016 Thursday episode:
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st December 2015: YHM Tuesday episode is out. Ashok keeps the mic in Ishita’s purse. Did he come to know that Ishita is acting like Shagun? What secrets were unlocked? A lot of suspense intensifies and you must take a look down below. (see: Last Episode of YHM.)

The episode begins with Ishita going to collect her bag. Bala comes home and brings sweets and says that his loan has been sanctioned.Vandu gets worried as why would someone sanction a loan to him. Bala says the bankers have become smart these days and looks like they have trusted my business and given me the loan. So let’s celebrate. Vandu still looks worried and Ishita comes and says she doesn’t understand a thing.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st December 2015

She thinks of talking to Prateek, but he stops her and says this is not the place to talk. He says let’s go from here and while they are leaving a boy collides Ishita and she drops her purse. The mic falls and lady steps on the mic and takes the kid. The mic’s broken, but Ashok heard Ishita talking to Prateek about Ashok. She leaves saying that we will talk later with Shagun. (watch: Ye Hai Mohabatein All Episodes.)

Ishita and Raman sleep and Ishita finds some light from Raman and when she sees what he’s doing. He says that he is looking for solutions to help her out. She feels to end this soon and hugs him and sleeps. The next morning an auto driver comes to Ishita about a phone that some passenger left it and he says that the passenger travelled to the same place where you travelled. It’s locked and can you take a look.

She sees it and comes to know that it’s Sarika’s mobile and she says she will reward him for honesty and he says no thank you and leaves. Sarika is desperately looking for mobile and Ishita gets her the mobile. Sarika looks relieved and Ishita says an auto driver has brought it and given to her. When Ishita Shagun and Prateek meet, Ishita reveals that It was Sarika who has come to the hotel yesterday as the auto driver has said her about it. They all think of why Sarika would hate Raman?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st December 2015

Ishita goes to Sarika and says your game is finished. Sarika wonders what is he talking about. Ishita says it’s about time to reveal your true colors. Sarika says sorry and Ishita says you can’t just leave by saying sorry. Sarika explains why did she do this. She says Rohit’s expenses were increasing and Romi wasn’t working. He even made to stop working.

So I was left with asking Raman money who was actually handling the entire house. But I don’t want to ask for it, So I started working at this hotel as an unmarried woman and even Romi knows about it. Ishita says we are a family and we will take care of Rohit and asks her not worry and asks her did she see anyone from the family here yesterday. Sarika says yes, I have seen Mihir and hid. I saw him yesterday at 9 p.m.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st December 2015

So Ishita is back to where she started. IIt is not Sarika, it can’t be Mihir so he is it.

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  1. @Yeh Hai Mohabbatei, The story has been worst since 1 month. It was truly a devil story then it changed as a drama of the clever ishita. I dont see her clever but stupid all the time. Why she always being focused as THE ONLY INTELLIGENT and KIND woman in the entire story? Her acting is monologue.
    Please stop highlighting her for the good sake.
    How come she do romance with Raman while leaving a pregnant woman in a store room?
    Who likes her role yet? Is she the lead role of this YHM series?

    Please replace ishitha character. Neighter her dressing, the broad shoulder blouses nor her acting is good at all. She dont deserve to act against raman. We hate to see her every day :£


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