Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th October 2015 Tuesday Episode Star Plus

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th October 2015: YHM new episode is out. Tuesday episode is like a bait for Raman to get some idea on Ishita’s behaviour. Yes, yesterday episode might have given you chills and might have even thrown some shiver down your spine. This episode goes the same way too. Take a look at what all happened in this new episode here. bigg boss 9 episode 9.

The episode begins with Bala asking Adi about his behaviour. He says It’s not because of Ishita, but he is missing Shagun. Bala makes him remember Ishita saving him, Ruhi and then her baby. Adi too agrees and knows that she would have definitely made her attempt o save Shagun. Bala drops him at home. Ishita talks to Adi and he feels weird as she was talking in Shagun’s style. Ruhi asks Ishita to help her in solving maths. She says that she doesn’t like maths. Now Ruhi too feels weird as Ishita loves Maths, but she s saying so? Adi tells this to Bala and Bala says that she is your mum too so she is also talking to her in the same style and she even calls you baby and Pumpkin just like Shagun did and he leaves. diya aur baati.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th October 2015

Bala says to Raman that Adi is missing Shagun so much and he is not digesting the fact that she is no more. He asks him to console Adi about Shagun’s loss. then he sees and carrying candles and flowers to Ishita’s room and Vandu says Ishita asked her to place them in her room as she is planning something romantic this day. raman is happy and smiles looking at Bala. Bala says him enjoy to the core. meri aashiqui tumse hi.

Finally, the most awaited night arrives for Raman nd he helps Ruhi in solving her math problems. Ruhi says about Ishi maa saying she hates maths. Raman says that sometimes choices change with time, we need to just move on. Raman asks Neelu about Ishita and she says she is already in the room waiting for him. He enters the room and sees scented flowers and candles everywhere. He sees Ishita lighting up a candle and asks her to stop lighting up so many candles.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th October 2015

Ishita wears Shagun’s Nightie and Raman gets shocked to see her wearing those. She tries to hug him and he pushes her away and she falls on the bed. Ishita speaks something which makes him recall Shagun saying those words. As Ishita falls on the bed, he says sorry and asks is he hurt. Ishita comes to her senses and sees herself wearing Shagun’s clothes. She says she doesn’ remember changing into those and asks raman about who did this. He says Shagun. She even scold him saying how could he even make her wear her clothes? She goes to change and Raman what is this? Ishita or Shagun? He is dumbfounded a the moment. kumkum bhagya.

Bala reveals the truth to Vandu that it was he who was chatting with her all the time and he wanted to make her feel insecure about him. He says sorry to her for doing so. But to his surprise she feels happy and says that this kind of romance is what I was waiting for. We were great in Ishithat’s wedding and I liked you too. She hugs and he says he is glad as he wasn’t expecting that from Vandu. The next morning Ishita talks normally.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th October 2015

Amma and Ms Bhalla are having breakfast and Ishita too asks for some. Amma asks Ishita to try Halwa Puri. To which she says to eat them and they are oily. Mrs Bhalla is stunned with those words and thinks that Raman might have said something about her weight. But Amma is shocked as she never saw Ishita talking way. Raman leaves to  office and Ishita bye to him.

Romi is seen talking to someone about some rent issue. He says he needs some time to clear off everything. Sarika arrives and asks him about his tension. He says nothing, But Sarika looks into his bag and finds the rent notice. She says Iw ill take a loan from my company and clear this off and he will be happy. Romi comes and talks to Mrs Bhalla about rent issue. She says she will talk to Raman and will sort it our for him. He feels glad and leaves.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th October 2015 episode ended. Stay tuned with us for the latest YHM news.

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