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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd December 2015: YHM latest episode is out. Shagun is being chased by the goons and she was shot too. Did Ashok’s goons catch Shagun or did she escape from them and met Ishita, Prateek and Abhishek? Take a look. (view: Last Episode of YHM.)

The episode begins with Shagun hiding even after getting shot. The goons come and search for her and doesn’t find her and he says to Ashok and Ashok slaps him and says he wants her alive. Abhishek and Prateek are on their way and Prateek tries calling SHagun, but can’t talk to her. Shagun cries in pain. Khosla calls and Bala and says your new car’s booking is done and Bala says to cancel the booking as he can’t face Vandu like this. Vandu comes and says you always work hard so much and you are so serious about the work too. She asks to be thoughtful before doing anything and he says ok.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd December 2015

Shagun comes ut he box in which she was hiding and holds her bleeding and Ishita too comes there and starts shouting for Shagun. Prateek and Abhishek join her and she asks did Ashok’s goons catch Shagun? They say that might not be the case as he would have already taken her to the house if he had caught her. Romi calls Ishita and says Raman is waiting and she ends the call and says she is leaving and asks them to give her live updates. (see: All Episodes of Ye Hai Mohabatein.)

Khosla tells Suraj that Bala and Vandu fought and they patched up too. He says he has finished booking too and now it is impossible to cancel it and Suraj says to deliver the car to his house. Ashok calls Sarika and she says Ishita went out hurriedly and says Shagun has escaped and we are looking for her desperately. If you find out anything new, let me know, says Ashok.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd December 2015

The goons come to Ashok and says they didn;t find her and he declares an award of Rs 2 lakhs to whoever gets Shagun to me. Shagun sees goons coming towards her and hides in the dicky. The goons doubt the dicky and go to see it. SHagun gets tensed and the watchman comes and warns the men and them leave.

The next morning Rama n wakes her up and says he is planning to have breakfast with her and she says lies to her wok and leave to SHagun. Sarika notices her says maybe she is the one. Ashok, Prateek and Ishita meet at a place and they find blood stains and they follow.


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