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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein new episode is out. Did Raman finally find out who is behind Ishita’s strange behavior? Did they finally get to see the ultimate result? What happened after that? What has happened to Ishita and Raman? Take a look what all happened in this latest Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd Oct 2015 Wed Full Episode

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The episode begins with Raman questions Ishita about her seeing Ashok. He asks her to sign and she does it. Raman is shocked to see Shagun’s sign over there and even Ashok is shocked to see that too. Ishita once again signs in Ishita’s style in a new form.

The man says that the tenders are ready and he will be announcing the winner next week. Everyone leave and Raman takes Ishita for a long ride and he gets a call and says he needs to go office asap.Ishita is terrified with his call and says that he is not taking care of her and says he is always busy. Raman sees Ishita staring at Ashok and she even goes to him to ask about his business. Suraj says she is acting strangely.<

Mihika and Mir come for Dinner at Mihir’s place. Mihir is glad to see them and they ask him what’s there to eat? They even ask him did he cook. He says yes, but he didn;t succeed. He says we will order some tonight. Mihir says he is too happy to see them together.

Bala asks Vandu to wear something hot and go to the meeting. She asks why and leaves to the restaurant. Raman and Ishita are on their way home. Raman says what were you doing w ith Ashok? You know that I have him. Ishita responds saying that you are over reacting and he says it is because you are over doing. They both argue and she leaves in a taxi.
On the other hand, Abhishek and Mihir take Mihika out and say that they will get her favorite ice cream. Mihika looks glad and Mihir starts his coaching lessons to Abhishek and explains some secrets about Mihika which can help him out so that Abhishek can get even closer to Mihika. Mihir asks Abhishek not to act like a Macho Man or like a police Officer since Mihika is a Phoolan Devi herself, so she likes men to be simple. She also likes men who don’t have hair on their body, so let’s go for a waxing session after we treat her Ice Cream.Mihir ends saying that Abhishek, you need to change your dressing sense too and am only doing this to help you out. I just want to see you guys together.

Vandu goes to the restaurant and decides to cancel the meeting. She is surprised to see Bala and smiles looking at him. Vandu says sorry for Online Dating and even goes with some Shayari too. She says Bala has once won her heart.

Raman is busy in a meeting and thinks of Ishita helping out Ashok, as a doctor. Manoj too said that, since she lost her baby, she might be affected. So he thinks of taking her out and gets a message from her to take her for shopping. Vandu and Bala were dining and see Ishita drinking. They are shocked to see her like that and goes to her. Mihir sends Abhishek and Mihika away as he has some meeting and Abhishek says to Mihika that we can have Ice Cream at the nearby shop.

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