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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd January 2016: YHM latest episode is out. Sarika talks to Vandu and says she is the criminal and says Vandu you must be punished. What did Vandu do after listening to her words? Did she become mad? Take a look. (see: YHM last episode.)

The episode begins with Vandu running on the road crying and Raman sees her and goes to stop her. Ishita and Bala also run after her. Raman finally catches her and she cries saying I didn’t do anything. Ishita and bala to come there and say we know. Vandu says they feel I killed him and Bala says no one thinks like that and asks who told you like that and she says Sarika said that I am the criminal. They all go to Sarika and Raman says if you planning something with Ashok and Suraj, I won’t leave you.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd January 2016

Sarika says what did I do? I just told the truth and Raman and Ishita say, don’t you her condition? Why are you saying that? Romi comes there and says aren’t you ashamed of your doing? Ishita asks her to leave and says Raman to attend guests. Sarika leaves saying Truth can;t be hidden. Raman and Romi attend guests.

Ruhi and Shravan doesn’t find the party interesting and stat playing Hide n Seek and sees Chadda hurting his wife. Pallavi says sorry and says Ishita got me here. Ruhi goes to him and asks him why is he twisting her hand? He says I am not doing that and kisses Pallavi’s hand and says I love her and asks her to inform Raman that they are leaving and Ruhi says okay and leaves. (see: All Episodes of YHM.)

Ishita gives medicines to Mrs. Bhalla and asks her to rest. Mrs. Bhalla says Vandu was fine in the party and what has happened suddenly  to her? Ishita asks her not worry and goes to see who came now. Adi comes and huge her. The man says since the football tournament is finished, we are dropping off kids at their houses.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd January 2016

Raman calls Pathak and explains the situation and tells Ishita that we must do something about Sarika asap. Ruhi says I knew you don’t miss me. Ishita says I used to miss you and I must be punished and she says she won’t punish Ishi Maa as she is the world’s best Maa and Ishita hugs her and says she is the world’s best daughter.


They smile and Raman sees them and says no one misses me, but my Adi will miss me. He asks about him and Ruhi says he will with Dadi and Dadu. Ruhi asks her to sleep with her that night and Ishita says she will come and Raman says I want her not to grow very quickly and Ishita says I will leave before I get a scolding.

Vandu dreams her student dying and his parents blaming her. She wakes up shouting I didn’t do anything and Bala worries and says it wasn’t you. Adi and Ruhi sleep as Ishita tells them a story. Ishita gets a call and keeps a message to Raman and leaves immediately.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd January 2016

Raman doesn’t sleep and comes to Ishita and doesn’t find her and goes to Manoj’s house and he asks what happened and Raman says Shagun is in emergency and says Ishita texted me this and they rush to SHagun’s room and see it locked and Manoj says Shagun never closes her doors. Manoj worries and they break the door and see Ishita and Shagun having gone lappas.

Raman says What is this? I though it was an emergency. Ishita says Shagun was having chaat cravings and she wanted to wake up and sh has leave immediately and Raman  am not go to SHagun’s from an does it cooked and Manoj says he has never locked the door and breaks it and sees them having a chaat.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd January 2016

Ramana nd Manoj also join them. Shagun says share member Pallavi’s name as pagati and Ishita too starts thinking.

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  1. I am an ardent fan of yeh hai mohabbatein and all mauritians love this show as it deals with the complexities attached to human relationships and how one learns from his or her own mistakes in order to take a leap in life. Ishita is an inspiration for many as a character and deservedly, divyanka plays it well. Her chemistry on-screen is perfect with Raman, karan patel. I never miss the episodes as i love all of them.

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