Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd October 2015 Friday Episode Star Plus

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd October 2015: YHM Friday drama is intriguing. Will the family come to know what exactly happened to Ishita? Or they still keep thinking that she is Ishita itself? Did Ishita make something which showed once again that she is not Ishita? Well, let’s just dive into the latest episode to know what all happened in it. [watch: Eat Bulaga live.]

The episode begins with Vandu and Vala talking Ishita. Vandu asks him to look at her as she doesn’t look like Ishu, she jus looks like Shagun. Bala says no, she is the same and goes and talk to her. But she talks to him like Shagun. he is shocked. Amma is worried as the Diya went off suddenly near Devi Maa. She assumes that something bad is about to happen. Bala immediately calls up Raman and asks him rush to his place asap.  Raman feels something strange and rushes to him. [YHM last episode.]

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd October 2015

Mihika and Abhishek are seen arguing with a man who has hit their car. Mihika goes overboard and scolds him whereas Abhishek remembers Mihir’s words and tries to solve the problem with a cool attitude. mihika feels strange and he takes her to the Ice Cream shop. Bala and Raman meet at that place and Raman since you are at the ice cream shop, I assume that there is some good news. Bala says, just come with me and they all go with Bala. Everyone is shocked to see Ishita drinking with some in a bar. Raman goes to her and says what are you doing, ou said you were going for shopping and now you are in this place. Ishita says Thank you for coming. We are here to celebrate a party. Ishita says Surprise and greets Ashok Happy Birthday. Ashok arrives at the scene. [see: Abhay Deol’s father passes away.]


Ishita holds Ashok’s hand and smiles. Abhishek asks Ashok to leave and asks Raman to take Ishita home. Raman leaves with her and Mrs. Bhalla asks not to worry. Raman throws her onto the table and says it’s not your birthday today. She stands and speaks out saying It’s my BBirthday. Amma scolds her nd she reacts pushing her away like Shagun. Raman sees Shagun in Ishita. Ishita spills the truth saying that it is my birthday. Raman says it is Shagun’s Birthday today nd she says Yes, I am SHagun and see this R tattoo. She says she is back and she will kill each and everyone one by one. [All episodes of Ye Hai Mohabatein.]

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd October 2015

Shagun says that you all have treated me very badly and even said that am characterless and I carry someone else’s baby. She shouts screams, smiles and also cries too. She shows all emotions and says Ishita is now mine. Iw ill kill her first and holds her neck. Raman tries to stop Shagun from doing that, But Shagun says that I will kill her and you will be my husband. I will kill this Madrasan and faints. The whole family after seeing all the drama collapse and start crying.

Bala asks Vandu to take Amma away and cool her down. Amma is shocked and terrified after seeing Ishita like that.Amma worriedly runs to Devi Maa’s presence and says now only you can help her out. She is possessed by Shagun now. To take off evil, we need you Durga Maa. Vandu says there’s no ghost nor evil in this world. It’s just that Ishita is shocked and couldn’t come out of it after SHagun’s live suicide scene.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd October 2015

Vandu asks her to cool down and stop worrying as Ishita will be back to normal very soon. Ishita wakes up and asks them, y head is aching too much and what are these clothes on me? What did I do today? They ask her to take good rest and come to know that she doesn’t remember a thing after doing os much. Ishita’s a poor girl and she needs help at the moment.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd October 2015 episode ended. Stay tuned for more news.

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