Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th February 2016 Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd March 2016
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein new episode is out. Ishita is hanged and she is running away and what exactly is happening? Take a look.
The episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein begins with Ishita running away and police find that Ishita didn’t die and has run away. Ishita runs away and finds Raman. He takes her off in the car and the Inspector asks his team to look for Ishita.
She cries and hugs him. She asks him why didn’t he come to see her? He says how I can come there? I am responsible for all this. I lost the proof and you are dying. He asks her not to stop him and she asks what? He takes her to some hillside and she says where are taking me and says I should go back and surrender. He says there’s no time left we must move on in life.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Wednesday Episode

He stops and she asks where did you bring me? He says now no one can catch you and says family needs you. She says she needs to surrender and he says even kids need you and she says this is suicide and they both argue. He says I can’t let you die, if you die I will also die and she asks him to think of kids and asks what’s this passion and says kids are important right. He asks her then our love isn’t important? She says if we run we will die daily and he asks her to stop it. If you want to just die then why getting hanged to death, He holds her down the cliff and she asks him what is he doing and asks him to pull her up. He says you wanted to die and says I couldn’t see you dying there and says so I brought you here so that I can have fun in killing you. She gets shocked and he says you were asking why did I bring you here? He asks her to think well as she has plenty of time and leaves her and she goes down the cliff.  Sarvmangale……………plays………


Raman waves her bye and her wedding moments flash in front of her in reverse. He throws the black thread down and grins. Vandu in the drunken state comes there and says Ishita is missing and thinks to fall down the cliff as she is responsible and Raman runs and stops her. The families get to know that Ishita has run away and kids feel happy and Mr. Bhalla thinks of taking the body but comes to know the news and thinks what is Raman doing now?

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Raman hides seeing Vandu and calls someone and says Ishita is dead and stops Vandu from falling down the cliff. Vandu says I shouldn;t die and says if she dies, everyone will think Ishita has done that sin. Raman looks on and gets worried thinking that she would have seen him throwing Isihta off the cliff. Abhishek comes to the house and asks about Ishita. Shagun scolds him and says do you think Ishita has committed a crime and why are you after her. He says he is only doing his duty. She says you will never understand what she is going through daily and he says she has become a criminal in the eyes of law by running off from us. Shagun gets angry and Abhishek asks them to take care of Shagun and asks her to inform him if Ishita reaches home/ He asks about Raman and Mr. Bhalla says he might be roaming somewhere crying and Abhishek says fine and leaves.

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