Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th July 2016: Shagun and Mani Agreed For The Marriage

yeh hai mohabbatein
yeh hai mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th July 2016: Shagun went to met Nidhi. Nidhi asked her not to act at least in front of her as knew what she was acted very well. She even came to her for help. Ishita was the bigger enemy of hers as she snatched away everything from her. She knew that she asked Anil for helping her. (check: YHM Last Episode.)

She said that she was playing with Bhalla family emotions. Shagun asked her if she called her to threaten her. But Nidhi denied and said there was no use as no one would believe her. She was of great use to her as her work became easy as Ballas had full trust on Shagun.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th July 2016

Ishita took Mani home and asked Raman to have a talk with him and signed him. Raman asked Ishita as what Mani said about marriage. Ishita told him that he agreed to have a talk with Shagun. Raman said it was of no use as Shagun denied marrying Mani. Ishita asked Raman as what they should do to handle Mani. Shagun too came there and greeted Mani.

To Raman’s surprise Shagun told all of them that she was ready to marry Mani as she gave a thought about it and said everyone need a companion in their lives. She stated that she was willing to marry if Mani was ready. Ishita smiled, and Raman replied to Shagun that he was happy for her.

Nidhi asked Shagun to tighten her roots at Bhalla house. But she replied that it was not that easy for her.  She even told her that Ishita got a proposal for her to marry Mani.

Nidhi asked her not to think about denying Mani as it was a golden chance for her to get everything back. Shagun agreed and said that she was ready to marry Mani.

Adi and Aaliya along with Romi and Mihika left for home. Mani stated that he wanted to talk to Shagun before giving any final decision. Mani told Shagun that he just agreed to the marriage as Ishita asked her to and made her clear that he could only become a good companion and could not give her the love as he loved Ishita.

Shagun thought that she would not let Mani deny the marriage. Shagun told him that she too agreed as Raman and Ishita asked her to. Both finally decided to marry.

Adi and Aaliya along with Romi came home. Mani came out and announced that he was ready for the marriage.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th July 2016

Aaliya got shocked and became angry and said that Mani should have asked her before deciding as she was an important part of his life. She ran out. Mihir stopped her and made her understand the whole situation. Aaliya realized her mistake and went back to apologize to Mani and Shagun.

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