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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th March 2016: YHM new episode is out. Ashok has convinced Shanaya for the dance competition. See what next in the event. (check: Ye Hain Mohabatein 26th Mar. 2016.)

The episode begins with Shagun telling Manoj that she is about to leave now. She hides and hears what Nidhi and Sarika are talking. Sarika told she is Ishita and says they all are supporting her and says she will take your place in no time. Nidhi stated I will prove her guilty and told she has strong proof against her.Sarika where is that proof and Niddhi stated it’s in my heart.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th March 2016

Shagun thinks what can that be and thinks of talking to Raman. Ishita says she feels so happy as she will be with them on Holika and Raman stated he will apply her Holi first. They remember their first Holi and talk of Adi and Shagun. She told I am nervous about Plan B, and he says let the celebrations end. He ends the call. (see: YHM All Episodes.)

The next morning Appa, Amma and Mihika come to play Holi at Bhalla’s house and look for Mrs. Bhalla. They enter the room, and Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla come from under the bed and apply colors to Iyers. Mihika applies color to Simmi. Mihika looks for Bala and finds Mihir and uses color to him. She says God you returned from NY. He says yes, the project ended at last.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th March 2016

She says Bala is doing a dance with me and told she is doing this to make Vandu jealous. Mrs. Bhalla thinks Mihir should not come close to Mihika and thinks only she can understand Romi. Mihika comes to Iyers house and applies color to Bala.

She stated we need to practice and asks him to focus so that Vandu can be back to normal. She asks him to play a song and Vandu comes there. She applies colors to him and says happy Holi. He smiles. Mihir says let’s get it started and says more chemistry is needed for this song and asks Mihika and Bala to come close.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th March 2016

Raman looks for Ishita and sees Niddhi and hides. Ishita comes with Ashok. Raman runs to her, and Niddhi follows him. Raman says Niddhi is right behind him and asks her to put a leg for Ashok and Ashok falls on Niddhi. Raman plays Holi with Ishita and Niddhi gets angry. She asks him why did he apply her first, and he told he has brought them actually for Niddhi. Ruhi comes and throws color at Raman and Niddhi.

Raman signs Ruhi, and she takes Niddhi away.Ishita asks Ashok to get juice for her. Ishita hugs all the family members and wishes them Holi. Shagun goes to Raman and stated she has heard Niddhi saying that proof is close to her heart.He thinks and recalls Niddhi wearing heart-shaped locket, and she stopped wearing it as she has come to us. She says she will search the house and asks him to keep Niddhi busy.

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