Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2016 Friday Full Episode

yeh hai mohabbatein
yeh hai mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2016: Adi asked Mrs. Bhalla and Amma as what were they trying to say to Raman. They told him about their plan, but Raman came there. They started laughing on seeing him and changed the topic. Raman asked them to excuse Adi as he wanted to talk to him. (check: YHM Last Episode.)

Raman asked Adi about girls and said that everything was fine, but protection is a must. Adi was shocked and told him that it was not anything like that. Raman was telling him the things indirectly, but he was surprised to hear all that form his father.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2016

He then told Raman that he knew everything as he was not a kid, he was 21 years old. Raman asked him if he had a GF. Adi denied and asked him to calm down. Raman felt a little relaxed and asked him to make any girl his GF but not any madrasan. Adi smiled inside and thought that it was madrasan only.

Vandu went to Ishita to make her agree for marrying Raman again. But Ishita said that they had to think about Pihu too as it might have a wrong impact on her. But Vandu said that she should think about Ruhi and Adi too.

Raman got a call for the business meeting and had to leave for that. He informed Ishita and Ishita told him about what Amma and Mrs. Bhalla wished. He then left for the meeting.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2016

Adi went to Aaliya to meet him, but he found her really sad and crying. He asked her about the matter. She told him that she missed Ishita, and now Shagun would take her place. It was not easy for her to see the things changing. She said about how well Ishita and Mani raised her when her parents died.

He asked her to take her time to adjust well. He then made her laugh and asked her to go for a movie, but she denied and said that she wanted to be alone for some time.

Mani went to Bhalla’s and told Ishita that Adi was with Aaliya. Ishita asked if he came to met Shagun as she was out for work. But he denied and said he came to meet Raman. They all talked about marriage then. Pihu came from school and asked whose marriage it was.

They told her that it was Mani’s friend marriage. Ruhi saw Ishita smiling seeing Pihu and thought that she would soon get back Pihu’s love for Ishita and give her all the happiness she deserved.

Adi was back to home; Ishita asked her if Aaliya was okay. He told her that she was upset regarding the marriage, and he did not to discuss further as he felt really sad seeing her like that. She smiled seeing him and asked him not to worry as they would handle the things.

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