Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st Jan 2016 Sunday Episode| Star Plus: Ishita and Raman to help in the investigation !

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd August 2016
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th August 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest episode is out. Ishita and Pallavi have taken Chadda’s body out and Pallavi’s burns it. What happened next? Take a look.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Sunday Episode

The episode begins with Abhishek getting a call and he immediately rushes their with his staff and comes to know that a body is burnt. Ishita sees phone and recalls Chadda’s murder and gets tensed and calls Pallavi and she asks is he okay. Pallavi says she cleaned all the traces from the floor and says to end the calls as her maid will arrive soon. (Last Episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein )

Ishita says she wants to meet her and Pallavi says she will call her and tell the place. Ishita thinks of her doing and feels guilty and goes out to meet Pallavi. The police seal the place and take photographs. Abhishek reaches the crime spot. The inspector reports the details to Abhishek and he says someone brutally killed and burnt him. He also brings a witness and Abhishek asks him what did he see?

The man says it was pitch dark, burnt he saw a woman in a red car. the woman carried a suitcase. He says he can’t remember her face as it was dark. Abhishek says fine and asks him to give his details. The man goes and comes back and says there was a plus sign on the car. Abhishek thinks a doctor is involved in this case.

Ruhi tells Mrs. Bhalla that her project broke by her hand and Neelu asks her to say teacher that your brother broke it. Ruhi says no, I will say true as Ishi Maa told me not to lie to anyone. Ishita sees and cries. Ishita thinks what will Ruhi think when she knows that I was lying. She thinks t o tell Raman. She gets Pallavi’s call. Ishita meets Pallavi in a cafe and Pallavi says I told you we shouldn’t meet for a few days and Ishita gives her Chadda’s mobile. Pallavi says it might have accidentally fallen into your purse when you both were struggling.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st jan

Pallavi takes it and breaks the sim. Shagun comes there and asks what are they doing here. Ishita says she accidentally met Pallavi and asks about Shagun and she says she is here to have hot chocolate. Constables come and asks Ishita is that your car and Shagun says its mine and he says it is parked wrongly and ask her to place it properly. Shagun leaves. Pallavi tells Ishita that we must not meet for few days and leaves. Ishita cries and calls Raman and says she has something to says and asks him to come home soon. Raman worries and comes home.

He asks her what is the matter and Romi comes and says Abhishek is here. Raman asks Ishita to come and Abhishek says he is on duty and says he is here to take Ishita for investigation. Everyone get shocked. Abhishek says Chadda is dead and his mobile was traced here and we have also obtained CCTV footage of Pallavi and Ishita in a cafe breaking Chadda’s sim. Raman asks her. She cries yes, it is. They taker her away and she hides her face.

Raman says maybe there was a mistake and asks Ishita what was she trying to say me. Abhishek says he has too much pressures on him. He takes her away and Raman calls Pathak and asks him to come to police station asap. He asks Romi to be here and asks Mrs. Bhalla not to tell this to Ruhi and Adi. Sarika smiles. Ishita gives her fingerprints and Raman cries seeing her. Raman, Mr. Bhalla and Pathak are at

Ishita gives her fingerprints and Raman cries seeing her. Raman, Mr. Bhalla and Pathak are at police station and asks Mr. Bhalla not to worry. Ruhi comes home and asks Neelu o make a sandwich only fo her as Adi would be late. Neelu goes to make it and asks where is everyone. Sarika says Ishita is taken by police and asks her to go and see what happened. Ruhi asks her to come with her and Sarika she has Rohit to take care and says you can manage in a rickshaw and gives her money and Ruhi thanks her and leaves. Neelu comes and asks about Ruhi, Sarika says she went to Iyers.

Sarika calls Ashok and he asks is it a good news and she says yes it is and says Ishita is taken by police for Chadda’s murder interrogation and Neelu says Rohit is sleeping and she ends call. He thinks, he saw her there and says something is fishy. Abhishek calls Verma and says to bring Pallavi and place them both in different rooms. He sys we will see their statements. Senior calls Abhishek and tells him about the Kali the terrorist as his group is planning something. He asks to do vacation and Abhishek asks Verma to vacate everyone quick.

Raman asks about Ishita and he asks not to worry and a lady constable asks her to get out fast. Ruhi is on her way and tells driver that she knows ACP uncle and tells him about Ishi Maa and says my father a big CEO and says he can;t kidnap her as she is smart. He says I will not kidnap you. Ruhi comes there and pays fare and gets shocked a vehicle comes with terrorists in ita nd they take her with them.

Terrorists order Abhishek to free Kaali asap or else they will blast this police station along with this a baby and show Ruhi and Ishita shouts Ruhi and Abhishek and Raman are shocked seeing Ruhi there with a bomb attached to her. Ishita asks Raman to do something and he runs to Abhishek. Abhishek asks not to panic as reinforcements will arrive very soon. Raman panics. Terrorists tell them to release Kali quickly. Ishita and Ruhi cry seeing each other.

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