Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st March 2016 Thursday Episode: Star Plus

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st July 2016 Thursday episode:

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st March 2016: YHM new episode is out. Niddhi kidnaps the baby and asks Raman to give Ruhi through Ishita to get the baby. See what happened next. (check:  YHM 30th Mar. 2016.)

The episode of today begins with Raman informing the family about baby’s kidnap and they all cry. Raman scolds Romi for leaving the baby to nurse. Ishita says she can’t put the girls at risk.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st March 2016

Raman says he will bring both the girls, Ishita says but she will not let Niddhi take Ruhi and Raman promises her. Raman says they can’t inform Abhishek as Niddhi told us not to. Romi says he will come and Raman says no. (watch: Ye Hai Mohabatein All Episodes.)

Sarika comes to Ruhi and asks her to pack her bags. She says now Ishita will give you for the baby and Ruhi shuts her mouth by saying, Ishi Maa loves me a lot.

Romi apologises to Ishita and says he didn’t know she was a fake nurse. Ishita asks not to apologise and asks him to call Abhishek and tell him about this. She says Raman will not agree to this and says keep it secret.

YHM 31st. Mar. 2016

Shagun calls Ishita and she thinks of how to answer her. She lifts the call and Shagun says how can this happen and says I believed to give you happiness. Ishita tells Shagun you have already given me happiness through Ruhi.

Shagun says everything will be okay and ends the call. Ishita cries. Simmi makes Ruhi ready and Ruhi asks where she is going. Simmi says she is going with Ishita. Ruhi wonders whether isn’t a lie.

Mrs Bhalla says this is a big test and asks Ishita did she talk to Ruhi. Ishita replies that she can’t face her and started crying. Ishita says she can’t let anything happen to Ruhi.

Raman follows Ishita, and Niddhi calls him and says she has put all of them on a teleconference and asked him not to follow Ishita. Raman holds and thinks she is smart. Abhishek sees Raman stopping and thinks Niddhi might have doubted him.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st March 2016

Abhishek calls Romi and informs him about all this. Ishita reaches the place and calls Raman and says she had reached and Niddhi is not here.

Raman says he will reach her. Romi calls Ishita and says Abhishek is there. She feels relieved. Ishita hugs Ruhi and says he loves her a lot and Ruhi hugs her too. Niddhi comes with the baby.

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