Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2015 Saturday Episode – Star Plus

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2015: YHM new episode is out. In the last episode, Prateek successfully stopped Ishita. But what happened later? There are a lot of mysteries to be solved. Well, take a look at what all happened in this latest episode here. (see: Ye Hai Mohabatein last episode.)

The episode begins with Bhalla family talking to Prateek and he says Ishita might have shot someone today for sure if didn’t come. Raman says Thank You and Prateek asks how come there is a gun in this house? Even Abhishek asks for it and Romi takes to the place where they spotted Ishita holding the gun and dropping it. They look for it and don’t find it. Abhishek says how is it possible for the gun to get lost by itself. Raman says it’s not the time to think about it and says Thank You to Prateek and says he doesn;t believe in spirits and ghosts. Prateek says it’s ok, but lemme know if anything happens. I will stay upstairs and leaves.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2015

Amma stops Prateek from leaving and says that she agrees that Ishita is possessed  and Shogun lives ind=side of her now.  She is making Ishita restless and is even attempting to kill all. She says Pandit will come to get rid of Shaun from Ishita nd even asks him to help her drive off the spirit. Prateek says that he can’t do that as her husband is against her. Raman goes to Ishita’s room and sees her sleeping. He says this can’t happen, Shagun’s spirit in Ishita. (check: all episodes of Yeh Hain Mohabatein.)

He then recalls Ishita’s mannerisms as SHagun and her love. The doctor calls him and asks why did he send the staff away. He says Ishita is fine and the Doctor says how can you keep a mental person at home? Raman angrily goes to her and says my wife is not mad. He sits beside and asks her to get well soon before he becomes weak.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2015

Ruhi sits in Raman’s lap and ask him not to cry as Ishu Maa will return very soon. She says she will not trouble anyone as Ishu Maa told her to do so. Raman hugs her and says Is Maa will definitely be proud of you. Ruhi asks him to wipe off his tears. Raman makes Ruhi rest and hopes for Ishita’s speedy recovery.

The inspector says he has gone through all records and haven’t seen a registered gun on Mrs. Bhalla’s hand. Abhishek is more worried about the gun’s disappearance. While Mrs. Bhalla and the whole Bhalla family were sleeping and then someone knocks the door. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla to take a look. Abhishek says you are just dreaming things. Ishita goes to Mrs. Bhalla that it work.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2015

She welcomes Ishita and Ishita ask her about sweating. Mrs. Bhalla says it’s nothing and He even prays Maata Rani for the ticket. She says it’s karwachouth and even wakes up everyone. Mrs. Bhalla says she is busy with Sargi meaning and says she will give it to her at the earliest. Amma says she will go to any heights to save your dolphin baby. Shiva is saying that he will go JE zxczt coupon.

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