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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd January 2016: YHM latest episode is out. Raman and Ishita are planning to surprise Daler.The episode starts with Romi telling Raman about Sarika that she has cheated the entire family and aided Ashok for some cash. Raman says, “I know she did wrong and left you alone but you have Rohit.” (see: Last Episode of YHM.)

Raman says Rohit doesn’t know what his mother did, but I want Rohit to remember what all his dad to him. He says we are with you and says you are lucky that you are left with Rohit but when my wife left me alone, I had two kids to take care of. He asks him to come to the Dolly’s party and cheers him up.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd January 2016

Shravan calls Adi and Raman says to everyone to shout Happy Anniversary when the couple comes and everyone gets ready and Romi calls Raman and everyone hide. Mr Bhalla brings Dolly’s husband Daler to see the decorations n community hall and everyone surprise him. Dolly comes and he gets surprised. Ishita gives Dolly a Varmala and the she makes Daler wear it. Daler and Dolly exchange garlands and Daler says it was a great surprise and Dolly says all are Ishita’s efforts and she gets a cake and looks for Raman. (see: YHM all episodes.)

The man tells Raman that the cylinder is empty and he says he will bring it out. Romi and Adi say they will get it and Raman jokes on them and gets it. Adi takes a pic and Raman gets back ache. Romi asks him to give it to him and Raman says I have lifted Ishita many times and she is gas factory too. So this gas cylinder doesn’t matter to me. He acts tough and brings it out.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd January 2016

Daler says we will keep a competition and choose Mr Handome and Dolly says Mrs Beautiful too. They must dance on the floor. The man calls him strong and Romi and Adi joke on Raman’s back ache. Daler explains the rules and asks everyone to vote. Ishita sees them smiling and she sees him and smiles.

She asks Raman for a dance and he says he is not in the mood and she makes fun of his back ache. Dolly comes and asks him for a dance and he says he is doing a fast and will not touch any woman except his wife and Daler asks Dolly for a dance and Dolly says it’s your bad luck, Raman. Adi asks Romi for a dance and he says he has Rohit and Mihika takes Rohit and they go for a dance.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd January 2016

Ishita says you must only dance with me. She goes to get some painkillers for him and he says nothing will happen to him and she says she will not allow anything to happen to him. She jokes on his height and he makes fun of his weight and they both laugh and Raman takes medicines.

Mihir comes and wishes Daler and Mihika ask Raman and Ishita to dance and they say they are waiting for a special song and Daler comes and says finally lets pick the chits and Ishita take Raman to the and he announces Ishita as Mrs Beautiful and Mr Bhalla as Mr Handsome and Raman says I am sure people buy awards and Mr Bhalla says how did this happened and thanks everyone.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd January 2016

Mihir gives a yellow rose to Mihika and says it is for our friendship. Ishita sees Romi alone and asks him are you feeling lonely and he says Sarika has done this to me and she says She did wrong and she might have a reason and I will know it and asks him not to worry.

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