Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th May 2016 Wednesday Episode: Vandu Sees Shravan Finally

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th June 2016
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th May 2016The episode begins with Vandu seeing Shravan and hugging him. She says she is making Pizza for him and asks him to have anything he wants. She says she loves him a lot and asks him to never do that again. (See: YHM Last Episode.)

Vandu says he has gone to his class and goes back to his room. He calls Ishita and Ishita explains to him that his parents love him a lot and asks him to study well and become something for them. She says they only have you. Shravan says thanks and hopes she meets Adi too. Ishita gets teary eyed and wishes to meet Adi soon.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th May 2016

Adi meets Aaliya and scolds her for chatting with young boys by fooling them. He warns her and says he will inform cops if she talks to Shravan again and leaves. Ishita comes and asks what made her chat like Alia Bhatt.

Aaliyah says he said he was 21, and Ishita says he said he will commit suicide if you don’t meet him. Ishita says sorry for reading messages and asks her to not do such things again. Aaliya says sorry and says a guy just came and warned me. She promises that she will never do such thing again.

Mihika comes and hugs Shravan. She thanks Adi and he says no need to thanka dn says he is my younger borther and says it is his responsibility. She says marriage is shifted to Bangalore and Adi says will Romi accpet that.

Mihika says he is excited and says Ishita will be in Sangeet and Raman will see her along with the family. Adi says now no one can stop this. Nidhi comes to Hotel and screams at Nupur saying why did we come to India. Nupur says about the Raman Bhalla, owner of Pihu Industries.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th May 2016

Nidhi gets shocked, and asks who approved this project and Nupur says Ruhaan. Nidhi asks where are Ruhaan and Nupur says he is having a nap. Niddhi takes a whip and goes to him.


Nidhi calls Mihir and says they accept the offer and says Ruhaan will start shoot in a few days. Mihir says great. Nidhi says now Raman and Ruhi will unite and says Ruhi will never say that Ruhaan is Rhi itself as she will get beaten up. She thinks to continue her revenge.

Raman talks to Mihir and says it is superb news. He sees Romi and Adi. Remi asks Adi to do things as Mihika says and asks him to plan with caution as many prominent people will be attending the wedding.

Ashok says he loved his work and says he is MP now and says he will make him get good contacts and asks his card. Adi says sorry and says his boss manages everything. Ashok makes Raman jealous and Raman thinks maybe Adi likes Romi and feels his fate is bad.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th May 2016

Vandu asks Amma to hurry up, and they see Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi. Vandu taunts them and Bala stops her saying Shravan is safe because of Adi. Mrs. Bhalla cries saying Romi came, and she thought he loved us. She says he asks us to forget him.

Mr. Bhalla asks her not to worry. She gets Adi’s message and pics. She says Adi worries for me and wishes me to attend it this way. Iyers arrive and Mihika welcomes and gifts the women with sarees and asks them to change quickly.

Bala asks what about us, and Mihika says sorry and says it’s only for women. Adi says so much for the family pic. Mihika says this is for Akka and says she will see family after a long time. Ishita gets ready and is in dilemma to meet them or not as she will not be able to control emotions.

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