Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th December 2015 Saturday Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st July 2016 Thursday episode:

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Saturday episode is out. The drama is continuing and since Ashok has seen Ishita and Shagun together, the plot has intensified and you must not miss this one. So folks just dig in reading the episode.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th December Full Episode

YHM 5th Dec: The episode begins with Raman in rage and throwing all the stuff. Ishita apologises and says she is in stress and she didn’t want to hurt him. Raman says you talked to Abhishek before and not me. He hugs her and says he felt like he is losing her. She says no one can make us apart. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein plays. Vandu asks Bala to sleep and he says he can’t sleep until and unless he repays Suraj.

She says Suraj doesn’t care, but he says he cares. The next day both go Suraj and give money. He refuses and suddenly a servant drops something on Vandu’s saree and Suraj yells at him and asks him to show her the guest room. SHe goes and finds Ashok in sleep and she goes to the washroom. SHe hears Ashok saying Raman, you are cheated, they both are together and she is alive.

The next morning, Ishita wakes up and goes downstairs and asks Simmi did anyone doubt her? She gets shocked seeing Ashok and everyone in the house are also shocked. Mrs Bhalla asks why did you come? He says he has come to tie the black thread to Shagun as Raman told me to do so. Ishita starts acting like Shagun and says, you could have called me, I would have come there for you.

These people dislike you and that I dislike. Simmi asks Amma to go home as Shagun has come now and takes Mrs Bhalla too to her room. Ashok claps and says what a performance! She says shut up and asks why are you here? He says he has come to expose her. But this does no good to me so let’s play. You have to kill Raman and I will not reveal this to the family.

She says she can’t kill Raman and asks him to expose everything the family. She says if she gets exposed, he too will be exposed. He says this game is good, but my spy will do the trick for me. He asks her to think about how a family reacts after knowing the truth. He says he know’s all her plans and even if anything happens to him, his aid in the family will kill Raman. So he asks her to think 1000 times as her weakness is in his hands.She cries.


Mrs Bhalla tells Simmi that Ashok is a bad guy, he may do anything. Let’s go and she stops him saying, let Ishita handle this. Ashok says you have started this game and I will finish it and will be the winner. He says you love your kids right, remember what I said. Raman comes and pushes him away and says he will kill him.

Raman says to Ishita that he is with him and asks her not to worry as he will kill him today. She hugs him and he consoles her and asks Ashok to leave immediately. Mrs Bhalla and Simmi come out and see Ishita in tears and asks what happened. Ishita asks him to forget about Ashok and go on with his work.

She hugs Simmi and says we have revealed our secret to everyone and Simmi asks what has happened. She asks her to plan something. Simmi asks her to stop crying as she will handle. Mrs Bhall ends the call with Pammi and says she won’t be going to Kitty Party and Simmi likes the idea nd asks her to get ready.

Raman too likes the idea as Ishita and he will be home alone. Ishita asks Simmi to call Raman when Shagun is about to reach the house. She says ok and Raman is preparing cake in the kitchen and says this will relieve Ishita from stress. She waits for Simmi’s call and worries about Raman. SHe is worried about handling the current situation.

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