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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th October 2015:¬†YHM new episode has much more drama than the regular one. Yeah, it’s Wednesday already and Tuesday’s episode has really made the audience stick to the TV Screen’s for the Wednesday Episode and now they are even more excited for the next episode. You will know why after you take a look at this episode. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is aired in Star Plus and is pretty popular one from audiences point of view.

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The episode begins with Raman asking Shagun to attend Ruhi’s meeting. Shagun says yes, Manoj feels happy and they both attend the Ruhi’s function. She wears black and Raman compliments her, she responds saying that Raman has gifted her that one. Ishita is at clinic at the moment and the Doctor Batra says that the Miniter is stuck up in the traffic. Ishita says she would better be attending her daughter’s function and says no minister can stop me from meeting my daughter. Minister overheard those words and says Ishita to go and attend her daughter’s function. She leaves and says that she will do the procedure tomorrow and will give the prescription for toady.
Mrs Bhalla says to Simi that her friends are coming and Simmi says let’s make some items. Sarika says that she has a presentation and Mrs Bhalla insists on giving the presentation. Sarika says that She will not tell Ishita any work, but she catches only her. Sarika and Mrs Bhalla quarrel over Ishita and Sarika leaves.
Van asks Shravan to attend Ruhi’s function. But he says he won’t come. Bala too says that he is off to the gym. Raman calls up Vandu and Vandu says that he might not make it to the function. Raman says it’s ok. Now there is no Ishita and Van, Raman feels glad that now Shagun can enjoy y the function without any disturbance.
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