Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th January 2016 Saturday Episode – Star Plus

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th June 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th January 2016: YHM Saturday episode is out. Mihir and Mihika are planning to cheer up Romi. How did it go? Did anything happen to their plan? Take a look. (see: YHM last episode.)

The episode begins with Mihir and Mihika trying to cheer up Romi and Ashok comes to the club and they see him and are shocked and Mihika says we will leave him and Romi is drunk and Mihir waits for them outside and Mihika asks him to come. But he goes to Ashok and asks him how did he come out and Ashok doesn;t talk to him and Romi scolds him .

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th January 2016

Ashok asks the manager to take him away and the manager says he will call police and Mihika say no to him and sees Romi taking a bottle to hit Ashok and she goes to stop him and Romi accidentally hits the bottle on Mihika’s head and all are shocked. Ashok leaves and Raman worries. Romi comes home crying and he falls and Ishita and Raman rush to him and asks him is he okay and he says I am sorry and I have hurt Mihika by mistake and Ishita rushes to Iyer house and asks Raman to take care of Romi. (see: YHM all episodes.)

She goes and sees Mihika and Mihir say he will explain her and Mihika asks her about Romi and she says he is fine. Romi cries and says why did Sarika do this to  me and Rohit is going away from me. Raman says no one will take Rohit away from him and ask him to sleep. Ishita comes home and Raman says he will go and see Mihika and she says she is sleeping and stops him and he asks what happened and she explains everything and Raman say so much wrong has happened with our family and we must find Rohit’s parents a the earliest so that we can revive Romi and I am sure Mummy Ji will also love Rohit once again.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th January 2016

The next morning, Ishita tries hiring a nanny for Rohit and asks Rohit who does he prefer and he says to do whatever she wants and goes and Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla nd she too says the same and leaves and Ishita think her plan will work and calls Jamuna. Romi tells Raman that he doesn;t care about Rohit anymore and Raman says I know you love Rohit so much and says I will adopt him and raise him nd Romi hugs him. Raman asks him to apologise to Mihika.

Raman comes to Bala and asks him about his students and Bala says no parent is ready to send their kid to me as police case is filed on me. Raman asks him to ditch the training center and make a new start and says you are Shravan’s hero and gives him a cheque to clear off his dues and Bala says he can’t accept this and Raman says this is Shravan’s hope and don’t ruin his hope. I trust you, Family is strength and we are with you.

Ishita leaves the orphanage and a lady calls the manager and says that Ishita has left and you a come out now and the Manager calls someone and says Ishita has come today for the baby details, the one we gave to Sarika and says he didn;t meet her and didn;t do anything. He ends call and thinks if Ishita knows the father and mother of the kid, it will be a big problem,

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