Open Relationships: Is It Worth Agreeing to Have Sex Without Commitment?

Open Relationships: Is It Worth Agreeing to Have Sex Without Commitment?
Open Relationships: Is It Worth Agreeing to Have Sex Without Commitment?

At first glance, sex without commitment seems like a very simple thing. Both partners are free, no one owes anything to anyone, you just meet, have sex, and disappear from each other’s life (whether forever or for a while is a completely different matter). What’s the big deal about it?

After all, you only need to be good lovers and have an initial agreement on the nature of the relationship between you. In fact, many are accustomed to thinking that sex without relationships is suitable only for men. Allegedly, they are more prone to manifesting sexual desire without a feeling of love and are less prone to becoming attached to new partners. 

Indeed, in most cases, women do not seek sex solely to satisfy their physical needs, and after sex (especially if it is not episodic, but regular), more often than men, they feel affection. This is caused by the hormone called oxytocin which is secreted in large quantities during intimacy and literally makes a woman feel an emotional affection for her partner. Remarkably, oxytocin, which is also excreted in their bodies, acts differently on men. 

Open Relationships: Is It Worth Agreeing to Have Sex Without Commitment?
Open Relationships: Is It Worth Agreeing to Have Sex Without Commitment?

Only two things need to be understood about sex without serious relationships: will it happen on a regular basis or is it a one-time action? Will you be faithful to each other or will there be an option to “communicate” with several partners at once? Answers to these questions are best obtained even before you enter into an intimate relationship with a man, although it will never be too late to clarify the situation if it’s needed. 

Things you need to understand before agreeing to sex without relationships 

You must be protected 

Sex without commitment is closely associated with risk. Firstly, you are not in a relationship, and, in fact, you don’t need each other, so in case of unplanned situations, for example, pregnancy, the responsibility will most likely fall solely on the shoulders of a woman.

By the way, it is precisely in order to avoid such situations that agreements are needed. In the case of sexually transmitted infections, everything is about the same: the money that you are guaranteed to spend on treatment will have to be taken from your own pocket, just like your nerves. 

Here’s an article on how to stay healthy in an open relationship. 

You shouldn’t expect reciprocity or require understanding 

When you agree to become a part of an open relationship, you shouldn’t expect that a partner will treat you with care and incredible attention. No matter what a good person you are, other people do not have to be good in return. It’s only your choice to agree to this type of relationship, so don’t expect any reciprocity, otherwise, you will face huge disappointments.

Besides, don’t forget that, first of all, your relationship is about sex, so you will unlikely to hang out with their friends or behave as an ordinary couple. Remember that this person is not obliged to understand you in everything or cherish your sensitive feelings. If you don’t mind being in an open relationship, then you automatically accept the rules of the game. So, you should forget about all types of demands (besides protection of the health), jealousy and many other things that ordinary partners can afford. 

Do you really want this? 

Sexual desire in women is a very complicated and insidious thing. We will not talk about the reasons that can encourage a woman to have sex without commitment because there can be a great many of them: from disappointment in past relationships to social and psychological attitudes.

But what exactly you need to understand is the origin of your sexual desire. Under the thirst for sex can be skillfully disguised desire for care, warmth, and love. And if you do not recognize it in time and try to replace real needs with surrogate relations, it may not lead to anything good. 

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Sex without commitment can be awesome. And the decision of whether or not to enter into such a relationship is free for each woman to accept. But it should be said that psychologists do not advise women to continue such relationships for a long time.

We have already said that the mission of attaching yourself to a partner in open relationships is completed by the hormone called oxytocin without any direct participation on your part. And even if a woman does not rationally strive to create a long-term relationship with a man, hormone-supported affection will still arise. So, sex without a relationship for a woman is more of a test than a lifestyle, even though some choose this way for themselves. 


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