75 fighters trained by U.S., British and Turkish forces entered Syria


At least 75 fighters trained by US, British and Turkish forces entered in Syria after the situation started getting worse because of uncertainties in the area. Rocket launchers were being used since past 2 days who claimed many lives.

The trained fighters crossed over from Turkey Borders on Friday and Saturday and are now positioned in areas north of the city of Aleppo, said the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The arrival of fighters comes shortly after U.S. officials acknowledged that the Pentagon’s agenda to train and equip reasonable Syrian rebels to help fight against the ISIS had fallen far short of its initial purpose.

A reconsideration of the struggle has been initiated since a fundamental group of around some 54 rebels put into the northern Syria this summer came under assault and are no longer a functioning fighting force. That attack demonstrated that units have to be larger so the forces can protect themselves, officials said.


The fighters who have entered in Syria are equipped with the 4 Wheelers jeeps with machine guns and first aid kits.

The warplanes positions in Syria and Iraq are carrying out a bombing plan against ISIS. But to fight against the militants group, position of ground army is settled to ensure the minimum loss of citizens.

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